New player with questions ^^

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Me and a friend starting playing TL2 last night and are loving it, but I have a few questions regarding the game.

What mods are good to use / wont prevent me from playing with others?

What does NG mean?

We started on elite and used something to reset our talents multiple times, is this bad?

And when does end game start?

Any additional good information will be welcomed :) ty!!


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    To maximize the number of people you can play with online, you should probably stick to no mods. You all have to have the same mods loaded in the same order to play together, so the only way to reliably get into modded multiplayer games is to coordinate that with a group of friends.
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    NG means "New Game". You have the option to go into NG when you finish the main quest which will be around lvl 50. After that you can either start going into random dungeons provided from a special map vendor in a special map room or go into NG+, which would restart your campaign, but starting from lvl 50 and with all your items, level, skills etc. It will also add new dungeons and quests, that weren't available in the 1-50lvl quest run. After completing the main quest in NG+ you'll be around lvl 80 then you can enter NG++ etc etc.

    For resetting your skills, I presume you used RapidRespec or some other outside-of-the-game mod? Either way - no, it's not "bad". TL2 is a moddable game and there's no "bad" in moddable games ;)

    As for mods themselves - feel free to use whichever mods you want. As gytfunke pointed out however - then you'll only be able to play with people with the same mods so make sure you coordinate the mods with the friends you want to play with. Basically I recommend at least the first run through TL2 (1-50) to be mod-free in order for you to feel the game itself. After that - go for whatever mods you want. I personally play lots of Synergies and it's **** amazing, so I'd recommend that, as well as any other mod you like.

    And for end game - "end game" usually means playing once you've reached lvl 100. Vanilla (unmodded) TL2 doesn't have much of an end game, but that's why we have mods. Again - Synergies has a great end game with lots and lots of dungeons, raids and others and so do other overhaul mods.

    Cheers. :)
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