[solved] Where is save game folder on Linux located?

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Hi Forum,

I bought Torchlight2 at humblebundle.com recently. Since the Linux installer was broken I couldn't wait any further and played some hours on Windows yesterday.
Now I installed on Linux, everthing runs fine so far. I found my Windows save games and want to copy it into my Linux environment.

But where do I have to copy the files?
I started a play on Linux and saved it to force the game to create save game files and folders but I'm not able to find the location. :-(

Would you please help me out?

kind regards


  • ChrisPHLChrisPHL Posts: 3
    OK, some further investigations later I found out how to copy my saved game to Linux environment:

    The files are named that manner:
    • Savegame: <characters name>_{<very long hash like string>}.svb
    • Restore: <characters name>_{<very long hash like string>}.restore

    Windows location:
    c:/Users/%USERNAME%/Documents/My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/save

    Linux location:
    ~/.local/share/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/save

    Hope this helps others as well.

    kind regards
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