Dune Mothers and their spawn

asmodeanasmodean Posts: 15
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I noticed that you actually get xp for killing Dune Burrowers. So if you keep the Mother spawning Burrowers, you gain infinite xp? Or does she stops spawning after a while? It feels like an exploit, so I want some input how other players handles this. (Normally I kill anything that moves as fast as possible, so this was something new to me.)


  • SerkevanSerkevan Posts: 1,586
    IIRC the spawns stop giving EXP after a certain point. Not really an useful exploit since you can just reroll a high-monster-density area for lulz.
  • asmodeanasmodean Posts: 15
    Yes, I understand that, but that is not how I play this game.Thanks for the answer!
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