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I'm approaching level 50 and wondering what I should past then, this is my first character on tl2 and hopefully want to find some lewts and enjoy harder content :)

any good pointers would be amazing ty.


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    Find the two npcs on the west side of town in Act 4. One gives you access to the Mapworks, where you can do dungeon runs of any level. The other lets you start New Game+, where you replay the storyline from the beginning while keeping your current character, but with everything leveled up to match you.
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    Ok thanks, I have another question regarding NG.

    Should I activate NG at 50 or just grind out maps? just that i've read somewhere that NG will mean its almost impossible to find other players :>.

  • You can do either, or both at the same time - depends what do you feel like doing.

    I've finished campaign at level 55. Then I've tried Mapworks out and I liked it. So I leveled to 100 playing Mapworks only.

    Once I hit 100, I started New Game Plus (NG +++). Now I'm replaying the campaign again, even though I can still do Mapworks just as well.
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    I see that there isn't a single game ever with level 100 players, is that because they are in NG+ or is are they just anti social haha?

    also I notice that the online games show 90/350 games is that because they are hidden or in ng ect?
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    Some are in NG+, yeah. It's mostly cause they have very little left to do with those characters, so they either get bored or start a new one. I still see them briefly here and there, but I'm the same way with my own level 100s.

    That's right; you won't be able to join games in other NG+ modes than your own.
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