Game graphics glitch. HELP =(

Hello guys

My game's graphics are really weird, and i can't play or do anything!What should i do?
Anyway, yestersday i've updated my graphic cards, which the model is ATI/AMD Graphics Radeon HD 7310, and after that update i had the login looping on my Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, once i fixed the looping problem, i tried to open the game and all went well, apart from the graphics, they were i dunno, distorted, i couldn't see the envoriment around my character, but i could see my character, i don't know how to explain, but it's very weird... i couldn't see the options or the title on the tittle screen.
I've researched a little and i noticed that this problem already happened before with all AMD devices, but not with Linux users(at least not by what i know).
Can anyone help me to solve my problem?What should i do?

my PC spcs:

-OS: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS
-Graphic Card: ATI/AMD Wrestler Radeon HD 7310

Thanks in advance =)
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