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Would TL2 run ok with intel HD 3000?


  • gold163gold163 Posts: 4,852
    That's integrated right? What are the rest of your specs? I'm assuming you're on a laptop. Can you run the first game?

    I have a laptop with an older model i5 with integrated Intel HD from around 2010 and while it can't run TL2 particularly well it manages on lowest settings OK for the most part. I believe you should be fine. Download the demo from the official site or Steam and find out.
  • SerkevanSerkevan Posts: 1,586
    It *may* run, but it will definitely struggle. What are your other system specs? As gold says, the best course of action would be to install the demo and check it out.
  • ChthonChthon Posts: 1,855
    Not great, but it runs. If you want to verify it's good enough for your tastes, try the demo first.
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