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I don't know if this idea already came out, but anyone else wish to have some pocket verision of TL2? For me it would be great.
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    It has been suggested before.

    The idea would be nice but it would take a lot of work and likely would it need to be started from scratch.

    We do know that Runic is working on their next project we just do not know what it is yet.
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    I actually brought up the idea and other than people complaining it would be a waist of time for Runic they also said " who likes playing video games on mobile devices? It ruins the experience"

    However they were wrong because I played tl2 on a Windows 2 in 1, 10.1 inch tablet and I had loads of fun doing it.
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    Tek, you weren't there for the topic a few weeks ago where someone requested TL2 on android devices, and then got BTFO by the sound logic that the game simply wasn't designed for touch-screen interfaces (among other more technical factors).
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    Whiiiich I'm pretty sure is still a Windows device that qualifies as a Netbook, not as a mobile. 10" screens were *not* "pocket devices" last time I checked.

    I'm curious, though. Were you playing with touchscreen?
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    A Windows 2 in 1 is still a laptop, I'm assuming it is one that has a keyboard and trackpad. I have a Vivotab Note 8, a "Windows 8.1 Tablet" and I can see it being fun with certain builds, but as a aspiring game designer, being half fun is unacceptable, either everyone has the same or equivalent experience, or I stick to one platform until I can create that equivalent experience. If I had an Active Stylus with 2 buttons and an eraser, it's not as butchered anymore, but it's still not the same experience.

    My point, without a redesign the game would be butchered on Tablets, and broken on Phones. If the redesign will take dev time from their Primary goal ATM, I say pass, if and when they have time, I say go for it. Seeing as TL360 took dev time from TL2 and contributed to delays, time is hard to come by.

    A straight forward port is out of the question. Multifinger taps for right/middle mouse button actions are counter-intuitive, as the margin of error for recognizing how many fingers is high. The redesign would essentially be TL360 with TL2, game was redesigned for gamepads, some skill behavior changed, UI changed, motion controls changed, gameplay mechanics changed. However, this time you're limited to 2-5 actions + Virtual Analog.

    Other than a redesign, people forget Full Fledge Tablets/Phones don't have cooling. Play for 5-10 minutes and your phone's CPU will begin throttling to compensate for the high temp, play any longer and the System will force reboot(Apple does have better usage that the CPU doesn't rise in temp as fast as Android devices). My Nexus 5 breaches the CPU 70 degree C warning(I have an app to monitor it) while making widgets with Tasker and Zooper for 15+ minutes(it may be a design flaw by LG/Google). Phones/Tablets are not designed for extended usage. Again you would redesign it so you can do 5-10 minute sessions and not lose data.

    Not saying they shouldn't do it, but if they were to it pretty much has to be a full-time commitment. Right now the choices are, "finish Mystery Project and provide support for it" or "Mobile TL2". I choose the next project.

    Also I rather have a new title on mobile than a TL2 port(honestly I'm tired of the ports).
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    My LG L90 is, admittedly, not a beast, but it runs games decently well... until it starts to feel like a smoldering cinder thirty minutes in. And that's with mobile games, not full-fledged computer games. They are literally an order of magnitude below in terms of resource usage.
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    Serkevan wrote:
    Whiiiich I'm pretty sure is still a Windows device that qualifies as a Netbook, not as a mobile. 10" screens were *not* "pocket devices" last time I checked.

    I'm curious, though. Were you playing with touchscreen?

    Played with a 18 button mouse. But the reason why I'm all in favor of a mobile version is because I've played other free ARPG/Hack n Slash on IOS, they seemed real fun and killed time real well.

    Though I agree with Omnifas, I'd rather a have a new game than a port to mobile. My opinion on the matter, is that if it was going to come out on mobile, it would have done it from the start.
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