Working fixes for low FPS and uncompressing data error

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Hi guys,

I owe AOD270 what means constant pain when it comes to games :D . TL2 is the f*cking best ARPG I ever saw but it gets totally unplayable when more then ten monsters appear on the screen. Netbooks users do know that, eh? I mean, sometimes you can have a cup of coffee while your hero casts a couple of spells, hehe :D .

So, I've spent pretty much time trying to make TL2 playable without losing all that cool stuff like shines, fires and bursts... and finally the balance between FPS and graphics quality seems found.

Firstly, set all Intel Graphics options to maximum perfomance, change color depth to 16 bit and enable Software Vertex Processing. In the game options select window mode and set screen resoution to 800x600. Then aplly some changes to the local_settings.txt file (values explanations are mostly my guesses so feel free to correct me):
MAX_PARTICLES :340 //particles are FPS killers. This value means amount of particles present on the screen at the same time. 340 at the moment seems enough for comfortable gaming without affecting the picture.
NETBOOK MODE :1 //not sure if this option changes something besides FOV but enabled it just in case.
DESTROY DEAD CORPSE :1 //doesn't really speed up the game but I consider it useful.
PARTICLE_EMIT_PCT :0.320000 //this value means amount of particles emitted by each object. Decreasing makes objects (especially weapons and skills effects) look a bit worse but you'll never see an embermage shooting invisible fireballs :D . Not sure if this value really can be so low but seems so.
ANIMATION_FPS :4.000000 //

I do believe that decreasing PARTICLEFPS value would help even more than anything else but developers restricted it to 100+ :( . Hope they'll fix that some day so netbook losers like me will finally feel no butthurt playing TL2.

The config is being as yet tested so there may be updates. FPS still gets lower when fighting a lot of monsters, but not too much. The main point is that finally the game doesn't turn into a f*cking slideshow every time I meet a dozen of some burning-**** guys.

I also found a simple fix for that error in uncompressing data for file %filename%. All you need is to keep a copy of PAKS folder from a working TL2 installation. If you get this error just replace PAKS folder with that copy.

Sorry for possible mistakes (I'm a Donbass guy :D). And, of course, all the thanks in the world to Runic Games for this epic game!

UPDATE 0: Just tried some new tweaks and stress-tested TL2 in the Emberscratch Mines, the config is updated. Average FPS now is about 14 which is quite enough to feel no pain when a hard battle occurs.
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