Dynamically scaling AoE size

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Hey everyone! Aspiring modder here. I've been digging around in GUTS and following some online tutorials for the last couple of days, and I've yet to find an answer to a question I have involving skills dynamically changing their AoE size based on a stat, such as charge amount.

To clarify - say a skill has a circular AoE with max radius 5. When at 100% charge, I want this to have max radius 10, linearly interpolated in-between. I have a suspicion this is way beyond the scope of GUTS; is that correct? If not, how would you go about it? Are there any ways I can 'fake' it?

Thanks in advance!


  • oramusoramus Posts: 3
    I've also just realised this is meant to be in the TL2 forum. Oops.
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