Halloween Witch class mod (new mesh)

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Also available on Runic Games Fansite.

Now at version 1.0
Fair warning, these meshes are pretty polygon heavy. That said, I haven't noticed any issues, even when I run it on my old dell d800 laptop.




Available here: http://vkoslak.net/torchlight/mods/HalloweenWitch/HalloweenWitch_20160331.zip

If anyone has any constructive feedback, I'd love to hear it.


Standard disclaimer:
This model is released under Creative Commons License, Attribution 4.0
for information see:
feel free to use and improve it.

It is strictly prohibited for use in anything containing:

Racism and hatred instigation.
War promotion.
Cruelty toward animals.
Political and religious propaganda.
Outlawed and unethical behavior encouragement.


  • vkoslakvkoslak Posts: 8
    Just wanted to post a quick message that I have updated the link above to point to the newest version.

    I saw in my web log someone tried to download it and I had symbolic links turned off.

    My laptop I use for play testing had a hard drive issue. When I put in a new drive, I installed Windows 10. Torchlight does not run under Windows 10.
    So once I add the gunslinger armor set, I probably won't be making any more updates.

    v1.0 03/31/2016
    Added Gunslinger Set armor based on Ergo Proxy Re-l Mayer character.
    Updated some bone weights for existing armors.
    Added Witch specific armor icons.
    Fixed missing textures on dropped items.
    Created new drop meshes for all shoulders and all helmets except gunslinger helmet.

    v0.6 02/09/2016
    Added Assassin Set armor.
    Updated a lot of the bone weights for better animation.
    Updated the base body texture and some armor textures.
    Fixed some UV issues. Buckled armor still has the UV map swapped on the arms.
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