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So, finally i had the time to download T2 and play the demo. So far, so good, it's quite fun and i will buy it later.
I played Diablo 1-3 (still playing D3) and PoE, so i'm not completely new to the genre.
I have a few questions and i would be glad if someone can help me:

1. Class/Build

I started with an Engineer (seemed "cool") and found a build on Youtube (
It's quite funny and has good AoE so far, also the healbot is nice, only the initial shot is a bit slow (a bit annoying with weak, single mobs).

Is this build for newbies ok or would you suggest another one?
Outlander also seemed pretty nice, i liked the fast shooting with two guns.

2. Endgame

What content do you have? I saw a mapsystem like PoE has, but is there more to do?
Also, how do i get there, i saw NG+ (NewGame+ i guess) and NG++ or so and elite.
Is it like D2 or PoE where i have to play through the game, then again on NG+ etc and then there's elite?

3. Mods and other stuff

Normally i want to start without mods, i don't want to have 23736378 things to clutter my screen or whatever, but are there mods
that are "necessary" or which make gameplay more "comfy"?

I saw you can respec the last three points you skilled, is this all you get or are there any other kinds of stat- or skill-respec?

Items: until now i sold everything that i didn't need anymore to the vendor. Is this ok or is there, D3-like, some kind of crafting system?

And is there an option to turn off the constant zooming when getting quests or talking to vendors etc? It's kinda annoying :D

4. Other tips

Maybe you can think of some tips what to look out for as a newbie, what stuff to keep etc pp :)

Thank you so much in advance for helping me, i really appreciate it!


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    Hello and welcome!

    There is a lot to be said but i will try to keept it very short and maybe say more after you discover some things for yourself.

    1. The build. For a newbie any build with engineer is friendly because he has a skill called Force field. It's a very strong defensive skill that uses up your charges to increase it's power and scales with your level. By level 30 it starts becoming very strong. At lvl 100 it has over 60.000 hit points!

    2. There is a map system yes but not so complicated like PoE. You can get there right after you first finish the game at around lvl 50. It's called Mapworks, a place where you buy different dungeon maps with different properties. The difficulty level you can change at any time by creating your own Lan game. I don't know what level you intend to play on. What I can tell you is that Veteran is ok for starters (the others, casual and normal, are too easy really). Elite will require some farming for damage resist gems (grell's eye and later, Limoany skulls)

    You can keep leveling in mapworks until lvl 100 if you want and then go straight to NG+++ and fight lvl 100-120 mobs.

    3. Mods. There are a few mods worth trying that do not alter the core game in any way, on the contrary the add stuff that was originally made by the devs. Some of these mods have been made by the devs for fun! One is Blank Landmarks:


    The other is Extra chunky: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=55044

    These simply add chunks of levels and variation to already existing maps, good stuff. For even more content that was left out by the devs and keeps the vanilla core game try Unearthed Arcanna (this one includes both of the above modes, Chunks and Landmarks and much more). This is probably the best vanilla mod you will ever find:


    For that extra challenge, if you plan to get that far, still vanilla, try Tartarus extreme mod. This makes a Mapworks purchasable map where you can fight lvl 150+ mobs, more mob spawning, more champion and Boss spawining per level. It also make Tartarus Lite version of the map that scales with your level. This and Tarroch's Tomb which is already in game in NG+ act II are the ultimate tests for vanilla characters. You will find the GUTS updated version for Tartarus here : ... ARTARUS_V5

    RESPEC mod. Totally awesome and legit tool made by a very cool guy. Download here:

    Original post here: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=43248

    Not much crafting. You can for example turn three uniques you don't need into one new unique. Just stuff like that. You can find all the trasmutation recipies if you search for them. You could just farm Mapworks, or Tartarus should you decide to use it, and try your luck with trash uniques or rares by transmuting. There are also gamblers! Tip: amulets and rings are the most frequent uniques, also weapons. With some experience you will be able to tell by their price if they might be unique. At lvl 100 you can even gamble some of the new lvl 105 legendary weapons. I'll let you discover their prince range :)

    4. If you play elite remember to farm for Limoany skulls (damage resist cap is 75%, you already have 25% as an engineer so 10 skulls will do) in mapworks the low lvl 55 maps and that the best (and overpowered for pure vanilla) enchanter in the game is Borris for all armor rings and amulets.

    5. Have fun. :)
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    Thank you so far for the info, it helps a lot :)

    Two follow-up questions:

    If i see this right NG+ and NG++ are the difficulties to lvl to 100, then farming NG+++ with Lvl 100-120 mobs and Veteran, Elite etc are the difficulties for Mapworks?

    And any info about the annoying zoom when getting a quest, talking to vendors etc? :D
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    I'm glad it helps.

    The NG "pluses" only change the monster level ranges you will be fighting against. Not difficulty. You choose the dificulty yourself in the menu at the start of the game then you can change it whenever you want. Only you can change the difficulty, the game won't on it's own. If you chose Casual or Normal and want something more difficult then you create a Lan game for yourself and select Veteran or Elite. You can do this at any time you want without the need for internet connection. The same goes for buy maps in a certain level range like 45-55 if you farm for Limoany. The monsters in that map will scale with your level if you are within the range, if you are above they will all lvl 55. But the difficulty you change on your own depending on how strong or experienced you feel.

    I don't know any mods to stop the vendor zoom. I don't think it ever bothered anyone else :). You can perhaps make a request for it in de Mod threads and maybe someone will want to do it.
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    Ok, thanks a lot, buddy :)
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