How useful are Seismic Slam and Onslaught really?

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Hello guys!

I've been playing Torchlight 2 for a while, and I've been working really hard on coming up with the ultimate tank Engineer. I'm now up to level 91 and have been using Emberquake as my primary skill. I've discovered that by using Emberquake on high level, it makes skills like Seismic Slam or Onslaught pretty much useless. I mean, it'd cost me much more time if I used any of them to cast any of them for the time I'd just strike one or two times a powerful charge of Emberquake and see all my enemies dead on the ground. So, my question is, why are those two skills (SS and Onslaught) so highly praised? I mean, maybe I am missing somehing in the bigger picture, or maybe they prove really helpful much later in the game, or I don't know, so that's why I am asking those of you who are greater experts, if you could to enlighten me on the matter, please! :) Much appreciated! Cheers! :)


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    They're more useful for avoiding the heat before you achieve overwhelming damage, and especially before Forcefield becomes effective.
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