Destroyer - Very Hard + ****, Dark Palace, Help plz!!

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I am **** pc-videogame game player , and walked thought very many games at **** difficulty. When i saw that amazing game (Torchlight) i thought that i will be easy to counter it.
BUT! I saw **** mode , like in games that i crossed throught - "Sacred 2" or "The Witcher 2" , and that thing make my entusiasm to being low...
So I lost many of mine characters , someone in traps , someone from Goblin`s Archer "Explosion Arrows" :? , someone from Firestone Fungus "Breathing" .... etc :cry:


I hard virtual battles my prothagonist was many times in border to virtual Heaven :x and reached in final "Dark Palace" ,

Torchlight_2015_05_26_22_44_37_21_1.jpg , Torchlight_2015_05_27_19_50_21_50_1.jpg , Torchlight_2015_05_27_21_38_35_51_1.jpg , Torchlight_2015_05_29_21_26_31_32_1.jpg ,

So at 29th level , my hero reciving from 25th level Dark Zealots UNREAL damage , one critical attack from that thing can almost kill my hero (last save was from 1% - 5% percent of HP .... :twisted: ) , Dragonkins will kill my hero instantly I think , my character`s Elemental ressist is good , and i dont know what i have to do , I dont wonna lose that character....

Torchlight_2015_05_30_10_31_53_42_1.jpg ,

I need some help , or a strategy with that Dark Palace leve from a good players . I think i may to reach more lvl`s. with a Tressure Maps that that selling in the merchants. . .

To sad that has no ukrainian lng. version of "Torchlight" , and I need to play in russian lng. ver. , after I`ll end it I will buy "Torchlight 2"!!

P. S.
Sorry for my English , it`s very low.


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    Hey Frosty,

    I don't know if you're still around but it seems that this forum has become almost dead.

    What I suggest that you could do, as I haven't played T1 for some time now, is to go through **** forum and read through relevant posts, also searching the user 'dreamrider' would be a good idea as they seem to have one of the best understanding of this game that I've seen on this forum (and they've helped me a tonne with this game as well)

    All the best,
    allard01 wrote:
    i had never known about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up as more as now I got. Such a beautiful topic to aware the people about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up.
    "Such a beautiful topic to aware the people"
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    Oh, where to begin. Its been so long since I spent some time collecting Ordrack pelts.

    So, to avoid errors of memory on my part, here's what I suggest...
    Search this forum on the term "Dark Zealots", and read all the tips.

    One tip: Dark Z's are the most deadly opponents in the game (except maybe Ordrack) but they are very fragile. Look for ways to detect them and pot them before they get wound up to cast, which does take a couple of seconds. Certain spells your pet can use will often be directed at them even at / off the edge of the board (Frost, Fireball, etc). Good early warning. Follow that lead with your own range spell or Arrow Hail or some thing that balnkets the area. The arrival of a stream of fast green skeletons (I forget the in-game name - ?Minions ? Enthralled ?) is often also an indicator that there is a DZ just off-board in that direction. Back off and approach with caution, and range effects.

    OK, two tips: If you think your Elemental Resistances are high enough for DZ's, you are probably wrong. One reason DZ's are THE nemesis is that there was a little error in one of the later patches, which made the red lightning something like %150 of base creature/level damage, instead of a planned %50 or %75 (they were apparently notably too weak in the earliest versions.) However, since the mistake gave the Dark Palace a noticeably ramped up challenge, without making those levels truly impossible, fixing the "mistake" was forever "benignly neglected". Also, the less often used, and slower, poison bolt storm alternate weapon is no slouch either if you get hit with most of the individual bolts; it is at least dodgeable, however. So, to just stand up to these main weapons, if that is your taste, you need Electrical Resistance in the range of 400 to 500 or more, and Poison Resistance in the 350+ range. If you want to also play at hand-to-hand with level 30+ Dragonkin, and their big brothers, which is fairly insane if you have anything to throw, cast, or shoot, then you need Fire Resistance at probably 350 - 400+ as well. If you are going to deal with them, cleverly, from a distance (Good Boy!), you probably only need end-campaign Fire Res of 150-200. Cold Resistance does not play a very big role in the late campaign levels; around 150+ is probably fine there, also.

    Finally, if you happen to be playing a Vanq and into the Dark Palace levels, Arrow Storm is your Friend! Kill things behind a wall, on a ledge, or otherwise out-of-reach with remote WMD whenever you can. Sportsmansip is counter indicated.

    Double finally, when you get to level 35, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHT IT OUT IN THE BIG ROOM, even though it is big, with lots of running, dodging room. You will eventually get overwhelmed. Lead the fight back into the ante-chamber, and be prepared to dodge up the live.

    Go ride your dream.
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