Ideas for fishing and pets.

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This is just something I was thinking of and I thought I'd share with folks. While I thought fishing in Torchlight and Torchlight II was OK I think a lot more could have been done with it for those of us who are into that sort of thing. I have two separate ideas. One is a bit simpler the other not so much.

Idea 1
Get rid of the quicktime thing. Fishing is supposed to be relaxing and all the quicktime button thing did was stress me out. Fishing interrupts the flow of the game. You're already reducing the effectiveness of your loot hunt by stepping away from it to fish (especially in mutliplayer). Instead keep the random locations, keep the limited number of attempts and keep the randomness of the catch. I liked how certain holes gave you better items. Keep that as well. Just make locations really rare and your chances of finding a super special fishin' spot even rarer.

Idea 2
Keep the quicktime thing and give us fishing gear. Allow us to level up our fishing skill. Make it more like how fishing is in mmo's like WoW or Everquest. If you're wanting it to be a challenge the challenge ought to be worth the time spent and aggravation. Special poles, poles you can level up-that would be great, too. Make it so that certain sets are crafted from certain fish. I think this would make fishing more worthwhile and make fish more than just something to use on pets. I think it would encourage trading in multiplayer, too.

These are just a few ideas. I like the concept of fishing in this game. Now onto pets. Aside from giving pets more gear slot options I think being able to level up your pet and give them more abilities as they progress (similar to companions in Diablo III) would be a great option. I also think giving people access to more pets would be neat, too. Instead of being stuck with one pet the whole time you could unlock a variety of pets and they could all be good for different things.

I was just bored and I know maybe my ideas aren't the best but this is just stuff I think would be cool to see at some point.


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    Heyo Zidders,

    I think both are good ideas. And I think both are doable in GUTS, though I'm more sure about option 2. Option 2 would require a lot of time, however. If you try for either, feel free to ask for guidance here or on the Torchmodders forums.
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