Does "+X% Pet and Minion Speed" actually do anything?

LarvaLoungeLarvaLounge Posts: 28
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I did a search and to my surprise, could not find any threads about this...

I leveled up a new Pet Engi, and I have 2 items that add to pet and minion speed... Wrought-Iron Medallion (+20%) and Outercore Belt (+30%).
I swear I can see NO difference in any of my pets' speed with or without those items on. 50% increase in speed should be VERY noticeable and I just can't see any change. Sledgebot is slow as molasses without them, and he's slow as molasses with them. Spider Mines can't keep up with me, either way. My regular pet CAN keep up with me, either way.

Anyone else experience this? I know the Iron Sword is standard issue on Pet Engineers. I don't have one (wasn't planning to use it). I guess I should farm one up and check that too.
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