No item level/stat/class requirements

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Hello! i just made a mod that should remove requirements from ALL vanilla items except spells, sockets n stuff, its my first larger mod so feedback is welcome, and also feel free to report any bugs (aka items that still require class or stuff)! ... loadid=641


  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Has anyone tried this mod yet? Does it work? I downloaded it and will check back.

    Thanks for making this, I wanna see what kinda funky clothes combos I can achieve lol


    I wanted to use this mod in conjunction with Unearthed Arcana (adds a bunch of official unreleased stuff) and Ultimate Boss Chests (fixes the crappy rewards from Boss chests). In order for this mod to work, it has to be placed above Unearthed Arcana in the mod list.

    So far what I've seen the mod do is change item level requirements to "Level 1". Any item can now be equipped as usual. I've found a few items that still have Stat/Level requirements, but they seem to be the new TL1 items Unearthed Arcana added, so of course this mod wouldn't recognize/affect them.

    I'll keep playing and reporting.
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