[POLL] Unusual Alchemist Builds

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Hi everyone!

This will seem a little strange but I wanted to poll Alch players out there for their most unusual builds for the Alchemist class. Reason is me and some other modders are choosing passives to give to the Alch class for when we bring him back into TL2 :mrgreen:

We have ideas already for passives which support the popular builds (ranged-caster, melee-mage, summoner), but we wanted to see if there were other, more off-beat builds which players have tried or have been wanting to try.

So do please let us know "what's the most unusual build that you've either tried already (and liked), or that you've wanted to try, for the Alch."

Thanks very much in advance!
Sneak peek of the TL2 Alch 8-)
Torchlight 1 Class Pack (TL1CP) Mod for TL2: Steam | RGF
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