+Focus vs +All damage or +Elemental damage

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I am confused about the damage formula for non-weapon based skills, such as Frost Wave, Hailstorm, or Thunder Locus.
I had thought skill damage bonus was additive, as such:

[Base Damage]*(1+[Focus Magical Damage Bonus]+[All Damage Bonus]+[Elemental Damage Bonus])=Total Damage

But this assumption led me to find that +Focus was much much better than any other equal-level enchantment or gear stat of +% All damage or +% Elemental Damage. I can occasionally find gear with +30 Focus on it at my level (+15% magic damage according to Arcane Statistics), but never have I seen a piece with +15% to All Damage or +15% or more to more than one elemental effect--it is even quite rare to see gear with +20% or more to any individual element. I realize that spells or builds that rely on weapon damage may see more benefit from +% All Damage, but for those skills I listed before I can see no reason as to why I shouldn't stack the proportionally better Focus benefits on gear, even if Focus didn't add +1 MP/2 Focus. That is, unless, I was wrong about how the equation worked.
The equation may be:

[Base Damage]*(1+[Focus Magical Damage Bonus])*(1+[All Damage Bonus]+[Elemental Damage Bonus])=Total Damage

This would make the benefits of +% All Damage or +% Elemental Damage scale with your Focus instead of being outstripped by it (I, for instance, have 450 Focus or +225% Magical Damage at CL70 while having less than +10% to All Damage or +20% to any one Elemental Damage), which makes the weighting on gear seem more reasonable.


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    Have you seen the legendary damage mechanics thread? viewtopic.php?f=30&t=44975

    It suggests that all of the bonuses you listed are added together, not multiplied. In other words, focus is usually the best option if your main or only source of damage is non-weapon skills.
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