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I posted my topic on the main mod discussion, but maybe it is more appropriate to post here....

Hi dear Torchlight users!

I have gotten an idea for a new character that could be quite fun to develop : a legendary guitar hero.

Using the legendary power of rock n roll, our hero goes into **** with the definitive and infinite legendary will to clean up the mess.
Many possibilities are offered to our hero to accomplish its duty, and first his legendary guitar. This one can, using the will (replacing "mana") of our hero, project incredible waves through the space to destroy anyone who may want to stop him.

I have made doodles the whole day to find a good guy, and once I found something I liked I started to model it on 3dsmax. The character is not posed in a nice attitude because it has to be symmetrical for further steps. I have not detailed that much the jacket and the guitar. But I would need some of your critics to improve it, so feel free to :D
Also, if anyone is interested about a storyline, a possible gameplay, i would be please to read that =).

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  • VendettaVendetta Posts: 156
    Plz just rickroll us and never speak of this again.
  • yoannyoann Posts: 13
    I love you too =)
    Present moment is what matters
  • I actually quite like your idea, I even thought of this myself! Looking forward to this one ;).
  • ****
  • gluixgluix Posts: 1
    You have a brilliant idea Yoann. But I guess you must make the hero more attracting to the viewers. And give more emphasize with the guitar. Keep it up.
  • karlkarl Posts: 109
    Interesting idea. I picture a guitar mesh (re-skined axe?) and maybe dual-weild drum stick maces? Summoned groupies to help you fight? Potions that boost stats but have hangover/withdrawel effects? Some appropriately-themed "rock and roll" skills and the class is off and running.

    This reminds me a little bit of the premise of an old game called Total Distortion. it was rock-n-roll themed as well. The premise of the game was that you went into alternate dimensions to make rock videos. :p No, really: you went into the Distortion Dimension. :)
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    Despite the fact that some folks got a little too bent out of shape over this back in the day, I'd love to see this happen. Wonder where the original creator went.

    And yeah, necro ftw
  • yoannyoann Posts: 13
    Thanks for your message zidders!

    Yes, as you see the reception was a bit harsh even though my model was quite not pushed.
    I just wanted to initiate something but it did not happen, i was too sensitive to the replies ^^.

    I was imagining at this time to replace all the spells and stuff with musical analogies.
    Depending on the skill tree you would choose, rock hero, death metal hero or i don't know, country (!) hero, it would have affected these spells.

    Was loving the idea at the time, too bad it did not get pushed more!

    Edit: WOW, it was 4 years ago !! time flies
    Present moment is what matters
  • ZiddersZidders Posts: 14,360 ✭✭✭
    I think it would be easy to convert Brutal Legends solo's and abilities and what not. I've been trying to get Runic to add the air guitar emote back into the game because I was thinking of using it as part of an ability. It would be perfect for this guy. I wish I had the skills to offer to help finish this guy. I just wanted to let you know I appreciated the work you put into him so far.
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