Beginner friendly class(es)/spec(s)?

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Hey all,
A couple questions:

1. What are some beginner friendly classes and builds?
2. Once you beat the campaign, what do you do for end game? (anything similar to Diablo franchise?)
3. Has the online interface been improved at all from a few years ago?



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    Are you talking about Torchlight 1 or 2 since Torchlight 1 has no multiplayer.

    In both games all classes are good for a new player you just need to tone the difficulty to your needs. Since you did state Diablo II you are likely an experienced ARPG loot game so likely Hard or Veteran mode will be right for you.

    As for builds it all goes down to what type of class you like playing with since the most important part is having fun so pick a character and skills that you like using. In Torchlight 2 you can adjust the difficulty at a later time.

    Both games have different things to do end game and most of it deals with hunting for loot or ways to improve your gear. Both games have maps that you can buy.

    I believe that the interface is the same for online for Torchlight 2 as it was. I do not play online since to me ARPG's are more fun to play alone especially with my play style.
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