Chaos Ember is the worst(what's your oddities with RNG?)

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I just had like 9 gems, half of them chips, half of them shards, so i decided to transmute them. Boom. Chaos Ember Shard with +Range and +Knockback Resist.(Playing a cannoneer btw, and despite all my ranged attempts as outlander, i don't find longer range useful since i already have the skill on outlander) So I decide to transmute it again, trying to reroll the result by spending the rest of my ember shards. And again, Chaos Ember Shard with almost the same stats. So I got a little peeved, and decided to do something stupid, just to laugh in the RNG's Face: transmute my chaos ember shard with some blood ember chips in hopes to change the result. And what do you know: Chaos Ember Chip. And now I only have 2 gems left, the other being an iron ember shard that i didn't transmute.

I was so annoyed by the RNG's luck that i decided to sell the Chaos Ember Chip for a measly 313 Gold(with Barter 3 Active). Now the Blacksmith in Zeryphesh has to deal with it.

Tell me, has anyone had similar or odd luck with Gems? Does the RNG Favour Chaos Ember over other Blue Embers? And have you ever had a streak of nothing but duplicates with either Gems or Uniques? Is Chaos Ember Cursed by having it be untransmutable to other Blue Embers? Let me know and let the discussion commence.


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    It averages their item levels, more or less, so transmuting an ember with two lesser ones is going to give you a lesser one back. You might be able to get away with only one lesser ember. I don't think it especially favors chaos embers, but you can check the odds in GUTS if you want. I think there are simply more varieties of chaos ember than other types.

    I have noticed an oddity when transmuting high level uniques (ilvl 99-105), in that it sometimes gives you results far out of the expected range. I've gotten several ilvl 60 pieces from this, and one set in particular appears very out of place here - the Argonaut set, with an item level of only 22.
  • For me, Argonaut set is the easiest to find among Unique Set pieces, especially with the Gambler. I got only like 3-4 items of the set though(not enough for the +Magic Find Bonus, as I'm a Magic Find Fiend until MF 20-30). I don't really see much point in getting Lvl 60+ uniques except for **** Mode or if I wanna get an Elite Char to 100. There doesn't seem to be much more from the main story after level 60 except mapworks, Tarroch's Tomb and a small handful of bonus dungeons, but I can easily understand the reason to get uniques as NG+ is very deadly at later levels. Not sure if the Uniques would help with the easy deaths or not. I just hope that with enough Uniques, I can glide through Veteran Venomous Hail Dual Pistol Outlander to 100 without dying every few packs of mobs. I pretty much gave up on that char at least until I can score more Uniques in Normal Mode NG+ on my Cannoneer.
  • Having transmuted veritable mountains of gems by now... I DO think Chaos gems come up more than any of the other ones. It may just be the 'weighting' of random gems, or maybe it's because Chaos gems have the most number of different possible stats on them, i don't know.

    The thing is, at end game at least, when you are looking for the best of the best, Chaos Gems are the only non-Unique Gems you are likely to ever use, anyhow. +6% Run Speed, +7% Missile Reflect, +6% Cast Speed... These are the gems I look for when I transmute... not some piddly amount of pretty-much-worthless elemental resistance. Iron embers and blood embers can be ok, when you don't have the superior Skulls yet... but Chaos Embers are the ones that can't be replaced by superior Skulls.

    Edit: Technically the +7% missile reflect CAN be replaced by a superior Skull... but at over 1k hours played, I've never seen that skull once... so.
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