List of "trap" skills like Sword & Board?

opsayoopsayo Posts: 26
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Does anyone have a comprehensive list of skill traps in this game? I'm thinking along the lines of Sword & Board where their damage gets applied after the damage calculation, making them ineffective.

I'm curious to see if I could figure out how to fix these skills using mods (or if they already exist). Thanks!


  • GeistGeist Posts: 128
    Aegis of Fate is pretty bad, especially when Forcefield is superior in every way. Charge Reconstitution is also lame compared to the good old Healing Bot. Bulwark is just unimpressive for the points spent.

    Vortex Hex is a waste of time. Flaming Glaives could have been good, but good luck hitting anything with it.

    Charge Mastery is unnecessary as you will soon be filling your entire charge bar before you even come near spending all your mana. Elemental Boon only works half the time at best and the effects aren't worth the hassle of trying to keep it up. Staff Mastery might have been good if enemy armor were at all relevant in the first place. Prismatic Rift is trash in light of Frost Phase and Ice Prison.

    Edit: I forgot Astral Ally - "joins you in battle with powerful spells" - what a joke. Even if you gear for minions it will only make your useful skills suffer.
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