Advice for rolling an NG+ Character

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Hi Everyone,

My friend and I played Torchlight 2 a couple of years ago, and completed the game. I kept my character files, but he didn't. We'd like to play again, but I'd like to use my character -- and he's going to need a new character in order to play NG+ with me.

Assuming I'm using Rapid Respec, what's the right or optimal way to get my friend an NG+ character rolled? Are there specific build instructions or cautions you would send my way as I go about creating this character for him?

Thanks for your advice. We're really looking forward to playing an NG+ game together in the next couple of weeks.


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    Well for someone jumping straight into NG+ the obvious problem will be a lack of gear, unless you have items set aside in advance. If not, something that can cope without great gear would be suitable - an inferno/frost embermage, a glaive outlander, or a tundra/Wolfpack berserker, perhaps, and of course engineers are always welcome with their Forcefields.
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