Hint for enginner build

sky420sky420 Posts: 29
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I need help for a full tank build and what waepon to use in enginner\sword and board, but not the same that already have in forum, sorry for my bad english, and thank you anyway.


  • GeistGeist Posts: 128
    What exactly do you mean by full tank? Forcefield already makes an engineer super tanky, and shield block only gets applied after Forcefield absorption.

    If you plan on using Shield Bash, its damage depends on only two things: your shield's physical armor and your focus. A good weapon would be anything with focus and cast speed bonuses. You can use Ember Reach and/or Tremor to apply weakness to physical damage on your foes.

    Or you can pair Fire Bash's weakness to fire damage with Flame Hammer. Ideal weapon would be high dps and/or spell procs. Hammer of Retribution is hard to beat. Arcgap's Vice is another option if you can find it.

    The Sword and Board passive itself doesn't really work as it should and is not worth any points.
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