Red Dwarf returns to Operational Status X-Ray Green

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All interested:

Brace yourselves, but the boys are back... again.

Ready for anything! action! a good time! who the **** knows or cares?!?

If you don't know what this is, find out! You'll be doing yourself a favor, and making the galaxy a better place for... well, dammit, does it really matter who the galaxy is made better for? It'd be better, and - more importantly - at least you won't be wastin' valuable time watching that friggin' DWTS... likely by your lonesome, while you idly wished the galaxy were a better place!

If you do know, let their return be the cause of great rejoicing throughout the suddenly-made-safe galaxy (albeit on a tight budget that's merely household in scale... well, okay... maybe even that's a bit too grand in scale... how about at least a portion of one room, a closet say, in a modest-sized home that's easily overlooked because all the rest of the homes on that street are the stuff of McMansions... likely McMansions whose televisions are tuned in to another neuron-deadening, galaxy-ending, reality-crushing episode of DWTS)!

In May, series creator Grant Naylor announced that an eleventh and twelfth season had been commissioned by Britain's digital broadcaster Dave, and that the two seasons would be shot back-to-back "sometime" towards the end of 2015 for broadcast in the UK in 2016 and 2017 respectively (with Netflix and PBS likely running eps a bit later).

Well, it's at last happening. Pre-production is underway, and shooting commences in October.

EDIT: Added Grant Naylor's Twitter url and fixed a really, really, really poorly written sentence. Okay, they're all really, really, really poorly written, but this one was extra-specially poorly written, and so it needed to be fixed... well, as much as a poorly written sentence could be actually fixed.
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    Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

    The return of X-Files and now this. I wonder if this might be the first signs of the end of the world.

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  • D2Hans wrote:
    Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

    The return of X-Files and now this. I wonder if this might be the first signs of the end of the world.

    Don't forget Twin Peaks! :D :D :D
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    <3 <3 <3
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