Anyone wants 800 Bullets? (legendary shotgonne)

RebregRebreg Posts: 3
edited October 2015 in TL2 General Discussions
Hi there. I found something like this recently:


I will sell this for 100k gold :D


  • embermanemberman Posts: 729
    Nice find, but this game doesn't work like that. There is no marketplace nor does the forum allow item trading. You can easily spawn items and gold for yourself with the console.
  • RebregRebreg Posts: 3
    What do you mean by "with the console"? This is some cheat mode?
  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    A "console" is something many games have that let players (and developers) have an easier time testing things, like when you're making a mod and need to test weapon balance, spawn points, name changes, etc.

    You can use it to do lots of things you normally wouldn't be able to, but most people dont use it so they can enjoy the game normally.
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