A question about Knockback mechanics

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I may have gone completely blind, but I haven't been able to find any in depth discussion about knockback mechanics anywhere. If someone has a link I'd be happy to see it.

Basically I'm wondering what are the various skills, weapons, and enhancements that can feed into it, how it impacts enemies, and how it interacts with resistances. I'm also curious what the highest knockback a player can achieve is, and how silly it is.



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    Pretty much all weapon dps based skills apply knockback. All shotguns and cannons have inherent knockback, weapons can be socketed with extra knockback, and all ranged weapons can be enchanted for knockback.

    It impacts them by.. shoving them away from you, simply enough. Enemies have a percentage resistance that reduces the distance they're knocked back per hit, but very few are immune.

    The highest possible knockback should come from Rapid Fire'ing a pair of Netherrealm Pistols socketed full of Sossimu skulls and enchanted four times for extra knockback, for a grand total of 865.4 knockback per shot. Unless the offhand knockback doesn't apply, which I can't quite remember at the moment. If not, a similarly customized Netherrealm Cannon would bring you to 510, which is still bonkers.

    Actually, even better: Netherrealm Shotgun with Shotgun Mastery and Burning Leap for 580 knockback. Or 905 if the dual wielding setup works.

    OK, final answer: Storm Burst for 627 cannon or 977 dual pistols.

    It would be absolutely silly (and makes me wonder if there's any kind of distance limit). Given the possibility of players being shoved into inaccessible terrain even in normal play, I wouldn't be surprised if they were blown clean off the map. For something more practical, Rapid Fire and Shotgun Mastery makes an excellent "get the **** off me!" combo.
  • Thank you for the answer! When I was looking into mechanics, I meant more like how does the number translate into meters travelled backwards?
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    I suspect it might be measured in centimeters, but I'll try to find a proper answer. I'm curious now too.
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    So just to followup here...

    It's actually kind of tough to do a controlled test, since things die so quickly, but from what I'm seeing the offhand knockback does make a difference. The screen "radius" is just over 12 meters (using Rapid Fire as a range finder). With the dual wield setup I was able to push adjacent enemies all the way to the edge of viewing distance. With the cannon it was around 2/3 of that, which makes sense. Overall it wasn't as dramatic as I'd envisioned, but I did manage to get a large enemy partway into a wall a few times. (This may just be a general issue with knockback unrelated to the force of the effect.)
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