Hob Demo @ Day of the Devs

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Bout 10 minutes of gameplay and Max talking about the game, didn't see anyone mention it anywhere.


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    Thanks so much for that link Frosty! Game just keeps looking awesomer and awesomer!
    Torchlight 1 Class Pack (TL1CP) Mod for TL2: Steam | RGF
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    Neat, thanks for the link. I'm happy to see enemies get knocked and stunned when you hit them, as well as that rolling dodge move and combos like Max mentioned. Should make fighting a lot more exciting. I mean, Max probably meant there are different combinations of animations for the standard attack "combo", not specific combos like "heavy attack, light attack, light attack, heavy attack; ACTIVATE MEGA BUSTER ATTACK", but still lol.

    Side note: Where do they find those hosts/announcers/interviewers? Is that some random guy from the audience that went up there with a mic and started asking confused and redundant questions? Do those guys not get a sheet with all the games and descriptions and developers they'll be talking with so they don't look like amateurs blundering through the Q&A? I mean, they're obviously interested in the video game industry, why are they not up to speed on the **** they're going to be talking about?
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    I love hearing they'll be doing more Torchlight in the future. I did find it disheartening to hear him say they wanted to move away from story. Diablo II's story was so fantastic and the interaction with characters gave them depth. It made me feel like I was helping save real people. I missed that in Torchlight and Torchlight II. There was some but there could have been more.

    As far as the interviewer-I though they asked some great questions. Dunno what else you expect them to ask about a game that barely has anything to it yet. Which questions were bad and what questions would you have asked?
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    Zidders wrote:
    I love hearing they'll be doing more Torchlight in the future.

    It'll be what it'll be. Frankly, I'm still hoping for something from HQ that's a bit more engaging than the ol' hack and slash or fancy shmancy platforming adventure :)
    Zidders wrote:
    I did find it disheartening to hear him say they wanted to move away from story.

    Depends on the story being told. For example, snuffing Syl = bad story (so much for Syl's ability as a seer); moving away from bad story is usually a good idea. Killer werewolves offing pioneers = excellent story (so much delightfully creepy atmosphere!); moving away from good story is usually a recipe for disaster.

    Here's the thing that plagues ARPGs: developers have come to understand that players need little motivation to go forth and slaughter. Give 'em gore and loot and a bit of challenge (in a relatively bug-free environment), and they're rarin' to purchase a sequel. Very few players bother questioning the merits of mercenary action (or purchase) because, unlike in real life, within a videogame there's typically no consequence to taking a side. If it's targetable, it's dead. If it's for sale, it's bought. If it's part of the plot, it's completed. And just look how well Jay Wilson's 'Diablo III' sold on the strengths evidenced by the first two Diablo games.

    (And, yes, they inexplicably snuffed Deckard Cain - the devs wanted to up the emotional ante of the story, and perhaps succeeded in an unanticipated ways. Oh, yes, they also added an auction house and succeeded even further. Me, I never bought the game; I played Torchlight instead. It was a matter of protest and principle)

    As an aside, in 2013, Mr. Wilson transferred over to Blizzard's 'Titan', a game that had been on the boards since 2007. In 2014, almost a year to the day Mr. Wilson took over, 'Titan' was abandoned and bits of it were recycled and transformed into Blizzard's FPS 'Overwatch', a game that's scheduled for release Q2 2016. The official reason for the change from 'Titan' to 'Overwatch': Blizzard's philosophy of keeping its game styles "simple" (Blizzard's term, not mine) so as to maximize appeal to Blizzard's player base.

    Apparently, knowing your audience has become an exercise in understanding the lowest common denominator, and so the industry-wide adoption of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), and this mantra applies to both story and the mechanics of game play equally :|

    This isn't quite the same thing as doing one thing and doing it well; it's a mantra that can be similarly applied.

    So, if Max & Co wish to move away from story, I'm conditionally fine with that: frankly, Torchlight's lore is getting kinda messy (no, make that "is a mess but has always been kinda messy"), and so a bit of prestidigitation and redirection is likely called for.

    @FrostyNinja - Thanks for posting the link!
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    Looks very cool.
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    Gonna drop this here instead of starting another thread (perhaps it'd be nice if we make a roundup thread for media, [p]reviews, etc to share with each other?):
    TotalBiscuit's video on the Hob demo at PAX
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    Here is talk about gauntlet upgrades.
    Will there be available different playstyles for the Hob?
    For example, will there be ranged/meele type of gameplay and different character builds dependent on skills?
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