How could I miss this game?

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Hey guys!
So I'm fan of Diablo-like games but for some unknown reason I completely missed this game. Shame on me :oops: ! Until now. I decided to share my first playthrough with the world. Therefore I would like to invite you to my channel. I would like to know your opinions (even the negative ones :D). I should also probably warn you that I'm not native english speaker and my english - well it just ****. But I take it as a great way to improve myself.


  • I agree with you. I also found this game recently. I knew about it at the release but put it off. Now I am playing and enjoying my Veteran Embermage. Quite fun.
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    Dude your english is fine and your let's plays are fun to watch. You have a great voice and sense of humor. Subbed! Also-glad you're enjoying the game. ^_^ Welcome to the community!
  • Zidders: Thanks, that's encouraging! Sometimes it's hard for me to find the right worlds in english but I think I'm getting better.
  • Hi,

    Just recently returned to the game. Really enjoyed your first walk-through, because that reminded me of a lot of stuff I'd forgotten. Nice video.
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    Well, welcome back Lankybrit :)
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  • Phanjam wrote:
    Well, welcome back Lankybrit :)

    Thanks. Level 19 now.
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