Creating new animation files without 3ds max?

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I've read several (relatively old) threads on this and it seems like it may not be possible, but I'd like to see if there are any new ways. I'm working on a new class (using the standard Male and Female skeletons) and I'd like to modify or create new animations for the skills as the standard ones don't fit the movements that I would like. For example, a sweep-kick in a 360 arc. The glaive swipe is an arm motion, so not a good fit. It seems that Blender can be used for MESH files, but not skeleton animation files. Is this still true? I can generate the .xml files using the OrgeCLI, but that is about as far as I can get.

I'm not a student, and I don't care to spend tons of money (3ds max costs) to write a free mod for an older game and a 30 day trial is not very appealing either. Is there any way to create or modify existing skeleton animation files without 3DS Max? I'm a computer programmer, so if there is some known way to convert the XML files from some format that is possible to edit/generate then perhaps I could figure out how to get it into Torchlight 2 format. I'd hate to build the skills only around existing animations.

Anyone have any luck using Blender (without generating new MESH files) to create/edit skeleton animations? Is there some other way? Perhaps even a way to import into blender and use it to just determine the bone positions and manually update the XML file? I'm open for suggestions.



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    hi drewrobi! the modders that I'm aware of who are currently active for animation work are Anarch16sync and Kva3imoda (sorry if I missed anyone else!)

    They also post a lot of their stuff on Torchmodders so you might want to have a look over there as well (Anarch16sync and Kva3imoda Torchmodders posts).
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