What elemental do bows normally come with?

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Hey all,

I love playing the Vanq with a bow, but I don't know what elementals (e.g., poison, electricity, etc.) are normally found on bows.
Since I probably prefer poison (unless another elemental does better damage).
So, any ideas about this matter?




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    All classes of weapon come with all the various types of elemental damage. With few exceptions, a single example of any particular weapon class might have any of the elemental types. Don't sweat it. Quite frankly, for ranged fire, phys damage is probably the most important.

    Also, once you start enchanting layers of magic on a weapon, you will usually end up with every flavor of elemental damage there is if you get the weapon up to 8-10 layers of enchantment.

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    Oh, also...
    there is no "better" between the various classes of elemental damage.

    The effectiveness of a particular elemental type is entirely dependent on the resistances of the critters, which varies from critter to critter, and is, frankly, just too hard to try to keep up with in a fast paced game. Just get a lot of everything.

    If I had to guess (from some years of experience), I would say that there are rather more creatures that are sensitive to cold and poison than to electricity and fire, but not terribly much.

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  • Great! Thanks much.
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