My Auto-Cancelling Polearm Shadow Beserker Guide

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Hey Everyone!

This is my first time posting on this forum, but everything I have read is super interesting and I want to try some of the guides on here! :)
So I just made my own Berserker guide.
The build abuses weapon end lag and Shadow Burst's capability to cancel some of that lag. I took alot of time working on this guide so if you could check it out, that would mean a lot to me.
If you could just take some time to read my guide and give me some advice or ask some questions, or even use it, that would mean so much to be
Any feedback, good or bad, makes me extremely happy.

Hope to see you soon!
Here's the link to my guide on Steam: ... =562618004

Thanks again for taking the time,


  • GeistGeist Posts: 128
    First, some comments as they occur to me:
    • It's 132 skill points and 495 attribute points at maximum.
    • Wolfpack isn't a summon and won't soak damage for you.
    • You should eventually be able to build charge fast enough that Frenzy Mastery becomes obsolete, and if not, you're doing something wrong.
    • Shred Armor doesn't pair well with a slow polearm, but would be okay with Wolfpack I guess.
    • Cold Steel Mastery is always good. Enchant your berserker's weapon with ice damage.

    Ultimately I don't see what the polearm adds to this that another weapon couldn't do better, unless you're a polearm enthusiast.
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