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Given that my favorite Diablo II build was the Huntermentalist (a Druid who relied on summons, elemental skills, and a bow), I thought I'd try to extrapolate out an Outlander at least reasonably close to how the Huntermentalist worked. Basically, tie up the enemy with escorts while playing artillerist with arrows and (i.e. Fissure/Volcano). Granted I can't get everything (no analog for Oak Sage, Carrion Vine, or Cyclone Armor), but the core is there. My current approximation is thus: ... afaaaaaaaa

(We'll talk about stat allocation later.)

One thing to note: After working a bit with pistol, bow, and crossbow, I've decided to use bows. Good speed with a built-in knockback effect; I'd say it works.

Some explanations:

Blade Pact and Glaive Sweep: These two are effectively stand-ins for Hurricane (damage and slowing for anything that gets close to you for a period of time). Blade Pact slows them from the onset, while Glaive Sweep is back-up for if/when enemies get close anyway (and has the nice side-effect of quickly gaining charge). That said, I could see a place for GS only getting ten points (the only reason it's 15 in the chart is for the stun upgrade...and the fifteenth point can't be gained until L94...), with the remainder going to Master of the Elements to further boost Cursed Daggers and Venomous Hail.

Venomous Hail: Fissure/Volcano stand-in. It was a toss-up between this and Shattering Glaive, but VH looks to do better on account of persisting for a period of time, rather than SG's momentary burst.

Shadowling Brute: Effectively an **** that needs recasting every now and again, with Death Ritual allowing it to actually have some duration. Between it and the pet, the enemy had better be distracted from me.

Shadowling Ammo: Mostly because I couldn't bring myself to use Death Ritual for just the Brute.

Cursed Daggers: I'm not entirely sure why I felt compelled to include this, but I will say that the critical rate bonus is a tasty boon. Reallocate?

In effect, I'm wondering about Glaive Sweep (past point ten, anyway), Shadowling Ammo, and Cursed Daggers the most, and whether other skills, like Rapid Fire, Vortex Hex, Flaming Glaives, and completed Master of the Elements, might serve me better in some fashion.


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    I haven't tried the Outlander's summons, but if they're anything like other classes' summons, they won't tank for you. Most minions actually can't be attacked and are ignored by the enemy AI. Your pet can tank to a degree, but don't expect it to have any real killing power unless you devote all of your gear towards boosting that.

    Poison Burst and Shadowling Ammo are incompatible. I forget which one takes precedence but if one procs, the other won't. You might consider shifting one of them into Share the Wealth for added speed, dodge, and crit chance.

    Cursed Daggers isn't bad. It deals decent damage for a DoT and the other benefits are nice.

    Glaive Sweep you could leave at 10 if you want. Venomous Hail should be potent by then. Rapid Fire is nice after the range increase, and turns the game into a farce with Shotgun Mastery. Vortex Hex just doesn't work very well. If you want to keep enemies off you try Repulsion Hex instead. Flaming Glaives is rather difficult to position in order to hit things, which makes it kind of not worth the effort. Master of the Elements is always a good place to dump leftovers.
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    Bah, I thought Poison Mastery was two effects in one--a straight additional poison brand to the basic attack, and the chance for a poison nova on killing something. {scritches Shadowling Ammo, Shadowling Brute, and Death Ritual off the list}

    New goal chart: ... afaaaaaaaa. Yes, I've heard good things about Shadowmantle, why do you ask? Although I should probably try to make space for Rune Vault or Burning Leap...

    ({sigh} Between this, Stun Engineer, and the idea I recently had for a Stormclaw/Glacial Shatter Berserker, I'm not sure what I'm going to end up using as my primary...Why is it so hard to choose?)
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    Why choose? I've already completed one of each class, and I'm halfway through my second round. :)
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    If you really want to make summons work look into the spell tomes. Summon skeleton is not bad because you can have 3-5 of those up at a time. Shadowling Ammo requires that you actually kill something first which makes it less useful, and the brute might be ok but it just comes so late and requires so many skill points that I've never really bothered with it.

    It makes no sense to skip Stone Pact in a build with summons. It will heal your minions and give them damage reflection.

    Rune Vault is usually used strictly for low mana-cost mobility and not for the damage or any other effects and for that you only need 1 point.
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