Mace/Shield Electric Disruption

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I swear, I'm going to settle with SOMETHING... ... apdDbicqcq

(The stat addends are supposed to be how much I add from leveling up, not from equipment. The sliders aren't precise enough.)

I got the idea from the Zeus two-handed build (viewtopic.php?f=45&t=40139), although obviously with modifications to account for using a shield rather than a two-handed weapon (not to mention putting use to Ember Hammer, and using Forcefield rather than Overload for charge implementation). Maces are chosen for the interrupt chance; this build is meant to be heavy on the disruption. I'd have found a way to put Onslaught in here, but I'm not sure it's necessary, between Storm Burst (mobility), Shield Bash, and Immobilization Copter (last two both deal in crippling already, and Shield Bash has stun on top of that). That said...

1. Is Dynamo Field necessary with Shield Bash in here? They both generate charge, although DF has much better range for it.
2. How useful IS Coup de Grace? I notice that it's a flat addend, so I'm worried it has the same problem as Sword and Board. Not to mention that without Heavy Lifting and Seismic Slam, stunning may not be QUITE as frequent as with my last brainstorm.

(I have to admit that depending on how Dynamo Field and Coup de Grace go, I might have my points for Onslaught anyway.)


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    1. Probably not necessary, but will build charge faster than Shield Bash when there are multiple enemies nearby. I guess it's a question of which you intend to use more, DPS skills or Shield Bash? If you focus on DPS, Onslaught is an excellent charge builder - faster than Dynamo Field - and autoattacks could fill charge more quickly than Shield Bash. If you specialize in the Shield Bash, stun, and Coup de Grace method then Dynamo Field is a nice complement.

    Supercharge interacts kind of strangely with skills here. Some may trigger the buff, but not gain the extra hit. I believe the bonus to charge gain works but it may not function for Shield Bash/Dynamo Field since they gain fixed amounts per hit. Testing is needed...

    2. It thankfully doesn't work at all like Sword and Board, despite the somewhat misleading tooltip. It actually hits separately and thus gains full benefits from all relevant modifiers. It would go well with Shield Bash, if you're making regular use of that, though it should be noted that bosses are quite resistant to stuns.
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    Onslaught builds charge better than dynamo field?
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    If you have good weapon DPS, yes, Onslaught and even autoattacks build charge very fast. Dynamo Field generates a fixed amount and takes a minimum of three casts under the best of conditions to fill the entire bar.
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