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Granted this could be applied to anything about increased weapon speed...

Basically, how is this calculated? My personal guess is that at maximum (i.e. +30% weapon speed), the "true" weapon speed is the basic speed that's shown, multiplied by 0.7. So for example, the slow starting Railman Wrench with a speed of 1.44 instead has a speed of 1.008 if Heavy Lifting is at maximum.

If I'm right, this might make me look again at greathammers. Might. I'm still not sure what to make of the occasional speed 1.56 (speed 1.092 with maximum Heavy Lifting?). I suppose it's a question of which is more helpful--the 90% interrupt rate on greathammers combined with the 30% stun rate at the expense of both running off of a once-every-second occurrence, or that stun rate on faster two-handed weapons without the interrupt chance, but potentially making stun attempts at a rapid clip (e.g. some greataxes have a base speed of 0.96--0.672 at full Heavy Lifting if I'm right).


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    Yup, that's pretty much how it works.

    Fun note, it also increases your DPS which will increase the damage of skills which deal Weapon DPS damage. Skills, of course, might convey the stun chance from Heavy Lifting (this depends on the skill), but won't cast any faster for having the skill (or any other attack speed bonus).
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    Yeah, generally onehanded weapons win in DPS, especially if you dual wield to maximize crit potential, and since most weapon skills use weapon DPS rather than just weapon damage, faster attacks are better. If you're using a skill, however, casting speed will determine how quickly your stuns/interrupts are happening, assuming there's no cooldown time.

    There's no reason you can't still use twohanders though. My favorite engineer uses a greathammer and still dominates endgame content.
  • Hmm.

    Given how few skills an end-game emberquake build actually uses and how horrible sword and board is as a skill, it would appear two-handers on a respec build (or a suffer-fest until high level build) would do well with two-handers vs one-handers.

    Healing Bot 15/15
    Forcefield 15/15
    Onslaught 15/15
    Tremor 15/15
    Emberquake 15/15
    Immob Copter 15/15
    Heavy Lifting 15/15
    Fire&Spark 15/15
    Charge **** 10/15
    Aegis of Fate 1/15
    Charge Reconstitution 1/15

    Now Charge **** was dropped to 10/15 to get tremor to 15. But ease of use would dictate CD gets 15/15 and tremor 10. Raw power favors tremor but with the right gearing it is in excess of any need. Onslaught the right gear will max out your charge on entry to a fight, so CD is a luxury item but it does allow you to play sloppy. AoF and CR are both one point wonders that help rarely but the build has excess points so you may as well spare them. Tremor is also like that. It is nice to have the stun level of tremor but the stun is only for trash.

    All of this is to support my assertion that Heavy Lifting makes 2H DPS better than 1H DPS on an emberquake build.
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    All of this is to support my assertion that Heavy Lifting makes 2H DPS better than 1H DPS on an emberquake build.
    It doesn't. Dual Hammers of Retribution are still far and away the most powerful EQ setup. But it doesn't matter, twohanded still works.
  • cool. Good to know. Thanks
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