Northern Rage Hybrid Berserker plotting

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Beat Normal with my Stun Engineer (with about ten deaths in the Broken Mines...{sigh} None against the Netherlord, at least a few to Dwarven Battle Turrets), time to try out a new class in Veteran...Never mind that I find myself drinking more potions than I'd like with my fresh mace/shield Engineer at that difficulty...(Flame Hammer? What Flame Hammer?) ... afaaaaaaaa

Northern Rage is the most interesting skill in the arsenal, just edging out Glacial Shatter (now, if GS's blind infliction were more likely...), so I don't want to give up on that. But I do find myself wondering if Howl is necessary when I have both NR (excellent Freeze chance) and Battle Aura (damage reduction at L5 onward). Iceshield is only at L10 because by that point, missile reflection is guaranteed. What I'd like to do, if Howl is needless in this scheme, is reallocate to either Shadow Burst or GS. {sigh} I just wish I had a better sense of how the Berserker works, of what REALLY meshes well with NR. (And no, I'm not auto-considering Ravage or Wolfpack...)

What I do know is that Focus will be an important stat, at least. But I do want to keep my basal attack viable (you probably noticed the points in Stormclaw, Executioner, and Rampage), so I'm not about to give up on Strength. So, maybe alternate between 2-1-2-0 and 2-0-2-1 on level-up? Or should I invest more in Dexterity to allow for easier usage of Berserker artifacts? (I'm looking mostly at Harbinger requirements.)


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    You could manage without Howl. I would recommend stealing a few points from Rampage or possibly Executioner. One point of Savage Rush is fantastic for getting around (and makes you immune to nasty floor traps). Northern Rage would shine a bit more with a few points in Shatter Storm, as the immobilized enemies can't turn to face you.

    Berserker stats are tricky, as some items seem to require almost 2 str/3dex while others are basically the opposite. Maybe 2-1-2 and 1-2-2? Unless you enlist Borris' aid and get the dex you need from enchants, letting Frenzy carry you in the meantime. I wouldn't worry about vitality in either case.

    Since you'll be spending some time autoattacking, you'd do well to pick up a pair of fast swords or axes, rather than claws, for the splash damage. Enchant at least the primary weapon with ice damage if you get the chance.
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    Ha, I was already planning on twin blades over claws, precisely because of the splash damage potential.

    Just to be sure, what's the general consensus on Stormclaw and Shadow Burst? I get the feeling Stormclaw works very well with axes and swords (if an axe or sword connects with three enemies, it's only a 1:8 chance of Lightning NOT manifesting), at least.

    New skill ideal goal is here: ... afaaaaaaaa. I'm not too worried about getting around; I am, in that area at least, patient. (And that second point in Rage Retaliation can be reallocated any time, if you utterly insist.)
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    I'm not here to insist. It's your character. I'll just say that playing a berserker made me into a speed junkie. Ever since I've made a point of socketing speed gems in my armor on other classes.

    Shadow Burst is in the class of "teleport" like skills, and pretty much always gets at least one point for that reason. Most would agree that the health stolen is worth investing additional ranks for melee berserkers. Since you're doing primarily an autoattack build, there's no reason to not have Stormclaw. A no-brainer really.
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