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Hey people,

I have been quite frustrated about one aspect of the game: it is only possible to have Block Chance when holding a shield.
This makes non-shield builds quite bad compared to shield ones just because of the potential 75% block of all incoming damage.

For me it would make sense if shields did not 'activate' the block capacity but only add to it (normal stat value of any shield).

Is there a mod available or any possibility to activate the block statistic, irrespective of the fact that a shield is here or not?

This would be greatly helpful when playing with friends wearing 2-hand staves, weapons mixed with shielded ones. Thanks you!


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    This makes non-shield builds quite bad compared to shield ones just because of the potential 75% block of all incoming damage.
    I've only played one character that used a shield, and that was only so I could use Shield Bash. It's not really that crippling.

    I recall a topic where such a mod was explored, but ultimately unsuccessful. If it is possible, it's not easy.
  • Thank you for your reply. Effectively taking 100% damage instead of 25% with max block is for me really crippling.
    It multiplies your Life pool and regeneration from all sources with a factor 4, which is massive.
    When playing end game with friends, this makes a big difference because some heroes have a shield and others not.

    I have seen topics about this issue as well but could not realy understand the content (I am not a modder myself).
    I thought someone would have figured it out by now but it does not look like it. :(
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    You seem to be confusing shield block with damage reduction. Anyway, the trick is to simply avoid getting hit, mainly by killing everything else first, but learning how to dodge and react properly helps a lot too.
  • In a statistical way, block and damage reduction are the same, just not the same for hits that would get you one-shot.
    So with 75% Damage Reduction + 75% Block + 75% Dodge, you statistically (over a large number of hits) get just about 1.6% of all the incoming damage.

    My problem is that if you dont have block, this value jumps to 6.4% which is huge at end game. This makes 2-handed melee builds not suitable for end game.
    You cant navigate between hits and you cant kill everything from afar...
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    Yes, I know you're speaking statistically, but those three things are not truly equivalent. First off, there's a ton of things Dodge % doesn't protect you from, but that's not even what I was talking about. There are all kinds of ways to mitigate damage: weakening it directly - as with Cursed Daggers, Tremor, or poison - shutting down their offense entirely with blindness, stacking slow to make them easy to avoid, immobilizing and attacking from behind, mobility skills that make you untouchable for the duration, and of course a dead enemy can't attack.

    Then there's the more obvious stuff like Forcefield, Healing Bot, Stone Pact, Shadow Burst, or a quick potion. But one-shots are what really matter if we're talking endgame, and if you're standing there hoping the shield will save you, as you seem to imply, one out of four times it will fail. Taking a more active approach, my survival rate is much greater than 75%.

    I agree two-handed melee is not good (I don't actually consider Emberquake melee), but that's because it's inferior in almost every way to dual wielding. Dual wielding allows one to easily max crits, trivializing most battles.
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    The only reason to skip a shield is to set a deliberate handicap on your character for extra challenge, not because there is any practical benefit to it. The one exception is Shotgonne Mastery which breaks the game when combined with rapid fire and other fast attacks. Other than that, two handed weapons don't offer much advantage over one-handed, and dual wielding a second weapon for marginal offensive stats has little practical benefit. In this game, damage is abundant and cheap, while survivability is a premium stat, so shields are much more valuable than anything a stat stick weapon could provide.
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    Except I already described how it's perfectly viable, and I have half a dozen maxed out characters that prove it.
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    I only said that going shieldless is more difficult, not impossible. Many things are "viable" because this is not a hard game, especially the softcore mode. However if you try to give up a shield on **** elite you will have a hard time, especially if you play without farming. I actually don't think anyone has posted a no-shield clear of **** elite without using blind mechanics.
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    **** doesn't make it harder, it's just a penalty for when you fail. Now if you mean ironman challenges, that's a whole different story.
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    The "do I have a shield?" check as a prerequisite for blocking is hardcoded into the executable. Short of hacking the executable to remove this check, it's not possible. If you did remove the check, you'd also need to implement a workaround for monsters with breakable shields, since that's how their loss of blocking ability works.
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