Lulleh - The Perfect Berserker [Elite NG+5](Videos)

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Hello there people, this will be my last post as I no longer play but as promised I will no share my work.

For questions etc; please comment / msg me on YouTube as I'll no longer check these forums so you won't be able to contact me here.
I will also not make a guide thing here as I have other stuff to do, all the info you'll need is in the video (check descriptions)

Commentary Video
Wolfpack Video
Ravage Video

To quote myself from the other thread:
I can also add I'm currently working to perfect my own build. It's a combined Ravage + Glacial Spike build that's currently (lvl 85) just gamebreaking. Now, keep in mind I installed this game about 5 days ago for the first time ever playing it so not going to make any claims, also the work of xkilla here is 100% legit, mine isn't. Well, there's no Cheatflags but yeah. I'll make my own thread once I'm finished, currently need to get to 100 (& ofc reach Demigod fame), get & test 'Four of the Apocalypse' (probably the best main-hand available) and finally reach NG+5 and test it out...

What to expect;

- duped items? check
- no "CHEATED ITEM" flags? check
- no console usage flag? check
- near perfect 'powerful' enchants on ALL items? check
- 1% mana steal? check (more is overdoing it, + loosing 8 Piece Harbinger (from using 3p Aristocrat) is not worth it as you'd have to compensate by adding Skill points into Executioner making us loose something else)
- 28% attack speed bonus? check
- 39% cast speed? check
- 500% crit damage bonus? check (take away 1 Str and you'll have 499%)
- enough dexterity to be able to unequip the item with most dexterity on without all gear falling off? check (take away 1 Dex and you're **** =])
- 2023 Focus (=1011.5% Magic Damage)? check
- 70% crit? check (doesn't matter if it's not 100%, the charge bar fills as quickly as the mana (95% uptime))
- 100% Exectue Chance? check (this is without the Executioner Skill)

- and finally, kill the PunchBag NPC in the QATest room in 1min17sec? check

As you can see, this character is as tightly tuned as possible, if you'd truly min-max it you can probably get ~10-20 more stat points (Str/Dex/Magic Dmg) in total. As said above, the Dexterity is just enough to be able to unequip any gear piece (allowing for replacement etc) without having everything to fall off, the Strength is just enough to reach 500% Crit Damage, rest goes into Focus (Magic Dmg).

I can also add that I've tried every thinkable weapon/enchantment setup by doing PunchBag kill tests and this is the optimal build, hands down.

Just to point out, my only interest here is to min-max a class, yes I've been using the console, I've been spawning items (and cleaned them :D), spent more than 10 hours duping/enchanting items to achieve the highest possible rolls. So yeah, it might not be for everyone but I will share my work nonetheless, if you feel cheating isn't for you, you can always use this as a guidence and goal for you to work towards. If you feel you HAVE to tell me how **** / noob I am for not playing legit, feel free to do so in the comments here as I won't be reading it anyways. :P

For all other concerns regarding the build etc don't hesitate to comment / msg me on YouTube.

So long!


  • IcefreezeIcefreeze Posts: 22
    1- 2023 Focus not 2023%magic dmg, it just = +1011.5% Magic dmg.
    2- Red Wolf only work at Melee range. If your character's not close enough, Wolf Pack and Ravage will not trigger Red Wolf.
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