Cannot randomize maps

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I tried setting level rule sets to "randomize after load" but that just causes the game to crash. Setting dungeons to "volatile" also seems to crash the game in certain instances (such as when trying to enter the alchemist boss floor). There appears to be zero debugging tools in the game that will tell you why something is crashing the game so i cant figure out why its doing it, and the official documentation is less than helpful to say the last (it looks like someone wrote a few articles then got bored and stopped).

How do you get a dungeon to randomize itself everytime a player leaves? And by randomize, i mean re-roll the whole thing, NOT just repopulate monsters. The problem i found with the repopulation mechanic is that it doesnt re-roll things like enchanters and always spawns everything in the same spot, leading to very stale gameplay. Or at the very least, re-roll the dungeon everytime a new game is started (without requiring players to choose lan mode)
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