Does anyone here know anything about modding?

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I tried asking in the GUTS forum but that place is deader than a doornail...practically all the fansites that i can find are dead as well.


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    If you want help,

    1. -- removed by moderator --

    2. Search. A lot of the things you've been asking about recently have been discussed before.

    3. Make an effort to figure things out for yourself.

    With respect to #2 and #3: Serious modding requires a lot of time, and a lot of effort, and at least some ability to figure things out on one's own. Someone who constantly inquires about things that he should be able to figure out by searching or experimenting sends a signal that he's not really willing to put in the time, or he's not really willing to put in the effort, or he's just too dense to figure stuff out, or some combination thereof. Experienced modders may see this and think, "There's no point in spending time and effort helping this person, since he's just going to give up on modding anyway."
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