Poor Performance?

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Does anyone else get poor performance playing this on Xbox One or is it just me? And if it is just me, any ideas on how to fix it?


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    I have not really played it that much on Xbox One maybe 10 minutes to see if it worked.

    Are you having problems playing other games on the Xbox One.

    Could you define poor performance. Is it low FPS/Stutter at certain locations, etc.

    How much free HDD space do you have?

    You could possibly try the power cycle which is hold on to the power button for about 10 seconds until the unit is off and then turn it back on.
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  • By poor performance I mean like if there is more than four characters on the screen at one time the FPS tanks horrendously. I made it up to the Brink fight and that fight alone with all the spectral lighting and what not was a FPS nightmare.

    As far as HDD space it's about 83% full.

    I tried restarting the Xbox but it didn't seem to fix anything.

    As far as other games on the Xbox everything else runs as intended, it's just Torchlight that gets terrible frame rates. So I don't know if they just did a poor job at emulating the 360 on Xbox One or if the game itself was just poorly optimized for consoles.
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    I'm going to guess that due to it being their first port and a bit of a rush job/learning process everyone's mileage will vary as far as performance goes. If i remember right they didn't realize just how challenging it would be to port it. They had to rebuild the game from the ground up. Torchlight on PC was a rush job in and of itself-they threw it together in 11 months.

    I haven't seen a ton of people complain about it so the odds are good you're one of the unlucky few to have it not work that well. They took the lessons they learned porting it and applied them to Torchlight II. It's just too bad that game probably won't see a console release.
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    Sorry for the delay. I was the last couple of Days at my Mom's.

    Zidder the Xbox One is using a 360 emulation mode to run the 360 version of Torchlight. The 360 version of Torchlight was pushing the limits of what the 360 Arcade games could handle due to memory limits. The backwards compatibility is all handled from Microsoft.

    OP: The HDD is starting to get to the point where you want to be careful with adding more games to it. Part of it is for updates for the console and I do not know if Xbox One uses the HDD for temp storage when playing the game.

    As far as I remember it played quite well on the console for the most part.

    I will look into playing the xbox one version of the game when I get the mood to play it on the Xbox one. I only play games when I am in the mood for them.
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