Problem with custom textures and generic models

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Hi, I've been working on a mod for a Witch class lately and I've come across some trouble while trying to use the 'generic model' as the visual for missiles(So that i can use the animations).

Specifically, when trying to use a new texture on the generic model of the frog, the texture override applies to all other generic models of the frog that are being rendered at the time.
I've tried duplicating the .MESH/.MATERIAL/.ANIMATION files and renaming to try and use the new texture on the model without this effect, but it didn't seem to work. Does anyone know how i can work around this problem?


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    Arkasaur wrote:
    I've tried duplicating the .MESH/.MATERIAL/.ANIMATION files and renaming
    I think this should work fine. Need more details, what exactly you did.
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    Just checking if I understand what you're trying to do - you are making the frog creature into a pet or into a missile?
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    This sounds to me like there's probably a relevant GUID, or other id number somewhere, that you're also duplicating (or just not changing) when you duplicate the files, and the game is pulling only the duplicated set of files based on that shared/unchanged GUID. I don't know exactly where within the files it would be, but whatever it is will have to be changed to a different value in order to separate the new model and texture from the existing one.

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  • I fixed the issue, it seems like my text editor was the problem. When i was changing the _MAT path in the meterial file it was not keeping the structure of the file (not supporting NULLs etc.), changing to notepad++ solved the problem.
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