Dynamic level adjustment

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I'm trying to create dynamic level adjustment mod which adjusts player stats according to "Game rank" level.
For example, if player level is 100 and game rank is 50, then player's stats (including bonus/additional stats) are reduced by 50%

I have found a way to edit existing passive skills, but still haven't found possibility to create passive skill which is always on, no matter what character type or where player is located.
Any hints where I should look?

My goal:
1) Create new passive spell named "DynamicLevelAdjustment";
2) That passive spell needs to be always cast on player;
3) *hardest* That passive spell consists of formula "stat * (GameRank / PlayerLevel)" so when strength is 300, PlayerLevel 100, GameRank 50, then adjusted is "300 * (50 / 100) = 150"

Is it even possible to set stat including it's already cast bonuses? Or is it only possible to edit base-stat?

Hope you'll understand what I'm trying to achive.

Thank you.

If I understand correctly then editing stats accordingly:
strength is strength
dexterity is dexterity
focus is magic
vitality is defense

I unpacked General Passives mod, checked it a bit and made my own "always on" passive skill. Now I'm trying to make a calculation based on GameRank, but no success yet :P


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