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I have revived a Native American Torchlight mod for Colville-Okanagan Salish, but I still have trouble getting the last 5% translated. Has anyone found a fix or work-around for the issue with the GLOBAL.dat file? Many terms in the file only ever appear in-game in English, even when the translations have been plugged-in. It's very annoying to have all the text & audio replaced, only to have this nagging problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I remember seeing this some time back. What exactly is the nature of your issue? I know supposedly the globals.dat is editable by hand. Weren't you trying to add some new audio? Hopefully you get some help though the forums been pretty dead for awhile.
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    The globals.dat file is easily editable, and many of the terms do translate, but the UI strings do not. This leaves lots of misc text, in tooltips, floating combat text, etc., unchanged. Combat text can be hidden, and some of the UI can be changed by altering the UI graphics, but that still leaves lots of orphaned English. The worst part is the word "gold", which pops up very frequently of course, and does not translate. Very frustrating, all in all.
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    If its not that much text left and the text itself cannot be changed, how about floating an image in place of the text?
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