Synelite coming back !

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2 years ago, I had created a steam group called Synelite, to dynamize multiplayer on Synergies mod.

(If you don't know what Synergies is, just try it out. People used to compare it to Diablo 2's Median XL)

We had quite some fun with it, but eventually it died because it was too restrictive (playing only on Friday, at a specific hour, taking always the same char..)

I wish to make it return to life, but in better ! I hope this will bring back some of the multiplayer community ;)

How will this work ?
A simple discord channel :

The basic idea is to have a chat in which you can find someone to play with.

The voice channels are organized the following way :
  • "Busy" is where you go when you just don't want to play Synergies for now.
  • "Elite (SC)" is where you go if you want to find someone to play Elite with, in Softcore exclusively
  • "Elite (SC or HC)" is where you go if you want to play on Elite, regardless **** or Softcore

These voice channels are here merely for organization. You don't have to possess a microphone to access them. It's just a way to tell what you're up to ;)

There are also two text channels, named "#general" and "#playing". The general channel will be used for general talk - the playing channel will be reserved for those "hey wanna play with me ?" and other lobbying stuff, to avoid spamming the general channel with it.

As for the rules, I recommend :
  • Playing with only SynergiesMOD. Of course, if you manage to convince someone to use the same mods as yours, feel free to play with other sets of mods. But by default, it should be only Synergies, in order to be accessible to the most people possible.
  • Playing on Elite. Same as above regarding if you don't want to play on Elite but on Veteran.

I will update this topic if further remarks come to my mind ;)

Don't hesitate to invite anyone playing Synergies in this Discord channel. With some luck, it might give again some punch to multiplayer !

PS : I don't have much time myself, so I won't be able to organize any kind of event within the channel. You might not see me very often online. However, I encourage you to invite people you see online in the channel to play with you !

PS2 : the first 10 players to join the Discord chat will get a sweet naked pic

PS3 : you can install the Discord client ! It works exactly like Steam, it connects automatically to the Discord server and you get notified whenever new messages are in there.


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