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Just got a new laptop with Windows 10 on it. Trying to reinstall the original Torchlight

After installation, when i try to run it the first time, I get "UI not found. Please check that you have the proper UI resource files. The application will be terminated."

It is a fresh install of Torchlight. The only other thing i've installed, besides windows updates, is firefox.



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    I can't help but holy **** I'm about to buy a laptop with windows 10 and now I read this ,,,,
    allard01 wrote:
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    Jibaku wrote:
    I can't help but holy **** I'm about to buy a laptop with windows 10 and now I read this ,,,,

    Works like a charm here on Windows 10. (Steam version of TL2)
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    :P unfortunately he's asking about TL1.

    But i tried starting it the other night and i also ran into trouble - didnt get past the loading screen with the portrait of the 3 classes. Wasnt able to test but i suspect its a compatibility setting thing.

    Im on windows 10 home and also running the steam version and my TL2 runs fine too.
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  • I didn't have any problems installing Torchlight from the disk into my Win10. I bought the disk version when the game first came out instead of downloading it online. Good thing I did as my eight year old Dell 530 Inspiron WnXP's motherboard 'went South" in November 2015. After receiving my new Dell XPS 8900 Win 10 Home, a month later, the game installed without a hitch.

    I read where older games may not install properly unless you choose running them in "compatibility" setting as not all games are Win 10 compatible.....yet. I had to do this with my Fallout 3 GOTY. But my Oblivion GOTY installed and runs just fine. I have vanilla Skyrim disk but, right now it will have to wait until my WildBlue **** goes down a wee bit more to complete the installation through Steam (and though I do understand the "why" but, dang it.....for a Single Player Game played offline?) Anyway, I have another older game that only needs a driver upgraded to run properly. "Shrugs shoulders".....I ran across these kinds of compatibility glitches back when Win XP first came out. Vista had similar problems..
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    DesertRose wrote:
    for a Single Player Game played offline?
    It means you can uninstall it/reinstall it whenever, don't have to worry about losing the disc and you don't have to mess around with serial codes every activation. Back when it came out it also meant you didn't have to worry about chasing down updates. It's just more convenient for developers and for players. I understand wanting a box and maybe not liking to have to log in but IMO Steam's positives make up for the negatives.

    Then again there's always GoG.
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