Elite/HCE Melee-Caster/Range physical damage based Engineer

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Build - http://tidbi.ru/engineer.php?lvl=100&fm=32&skill=0055F1FFF0FF000000010F00F00000&stat=apafafapfSaaaadJ


This is a weapon-swapping Engineer, using autoattacks to gain charge and 2 skills to damage foes - Emberquake and Blast Cannon, and specialized on physical damage because of 2 excellent debuffs - Tremor and Ember Reach.
Proposed for Elite use, perhaps may be used on ****.


Build based on Emberquake Engineer - powerful, survivable, easy-to-play Melee-Caster build. Everything can be killed by kiting and spamming Emberquake and Forcefield, but there is a serious flaw - Emberquake becomes availiable only at 42 level, so we are forced to play up to Act 3 without main damage skill.
Of course, we can use Flame Hammer, but:
1) it competes with Forcefield for charge for doing effective damage, so we lose much of survivability; at the start of the game your damage pretty weak to gain enough charge for both skills;
2) after 42 level it becomes a waste of skillpoints, because Emberquake more effectively kills crowds, and for single thick targets like bosses Tremor + Ember Reach will give double damage boost to it (38% + 56% = 94% Physical Damage Taken is increased);
3) it does Fire Damage (unlike Emberquake, that deals native weapon damage), so can't be boosted by aforenamed debuffs;
4) we seems to be a pure Melee Engineer at a low-level game on Elite, maybe ****... Coming problems (and great chance to R.I.P.) in Act 2.
Other variants with Ember Hammer, Shield Bash entailes the same problems, whole or partly.

So, why not to use Blast Cannon and to be a Canonier till gaining 42 level?
Let's see:
1) it requires no charge;
2) it deals native weapon damage, so can be boosted by our debuffs; furthermore, it debuffs foes with additional Physical Damage Increase;
3) it is powerful, range and piercing;
4) after 42 level, you can choose a play-style depending on situations; Emberquaker is better for kiting on arena-like places (closed space, spawning on all sides foes, e.t.c.), Canonier - for methodically cleaning narrow passages and dungeons, where there is a place for retreat; with time, you'll get used to weapon swap, and will easily change your weapon during a battle; the main point is to wait for cast/strike animation is completed before switching to another weapon ;)
5) all stats and passives are mostly match for Emberquaker and Canonier.


So, if you liked the idea of the build, let's choose skills to use.

Flame Hammer - 0/15. It's clear, why :)

Seismic Slam - 0/15. Applicable only at lower levels, low damage, low range, don't waste any point if you can walk through first two Acts as Canonier without necessity to stun enemies behind your back.

Ember Hammer - 1-5/15. Shield-bearers can really cause problems sometimes. Especially gnomes and their mechanisms in Act 3 and 4. If you'll have any free points, put up to 5 points to it to make this skill a cheap finisher for weak jumpy foes like Jakalbeasts or Fiends. 270 Degree arc, damage bonus from Focus, a little knockback.

Onslaught - 5-10/15. Escape or offensive jump and great debuff. It's recommended to get complete Tier 1 or 2, for lesser mana cost.

Ember Reach - 15/15. Great debuff for bosses and champions. +56% Physical Damage to them for 8 seconds. Do not worry about pulling strong enemies closer - most of them can't be pulled due to a large size. On the other hand, casters and teleporters usually can. Also, you can bring closer a foe to finish him with autoattack to get charge for Forcefield.

Storm Burst - 1/15. Escape skill for Canonier, and more applicable as speed-up when kiting than Onslaught if melee weapon equipped.

Emberquake - 15/15. Main damaging skill for Melee-Caster playstyle.

Heavy Lifting - 15/15. Stun applies with Blast Cannon and Emberquake, attack speed with 2H-melee weapon and cannons boosts DPS for both autoattack and skills.

Supercharge - 0-15/15. When you gain high-level, and increase your autoattack damage well, you may find some fun in smashing small packs of foes with large 2H Hammer, not with Emberquake spam. This passive will help you with it. Also raises charge gain, when procs.

Coup de Grace - 0/15. Useless on high-level. 1 sec cooldown, one target at once, procs only on stunned foes - so no proc on bosses, can't crit... don't waste any points.

Healing Bot - 15/15. For high-level - great mana regen, ~14 mana/sec, +some healing under the Forcefield protection if accidentally injured. Must have.

Blast Cannon - 15/15. Main damaging skill for Canonier playstyle.

Spider Mines, Gun Bot, Sledgebot - 0/15. Summons **** on high-level without +% Minion Damage bonuses on equipment. We are not going to equip something like this.

Shock Grenade - 0/15. It ****.

Fusillade - 0/15. No need for any other auto-aiming skill if we have Emberquake.

Bulwark - 0/15. Armor is useless on high-level. Physical Reduction also useless. Most of the hard-hitting monster's abilities deal magic damage.

Fire and Spark - 0-15/15. We deal mostly Physical Damage. But elemental damage can exist on weapon, enchants and as a part of Emberquake damage. You can boost it a little. +75% at 15/15 is like a 150 Focus attribute.

Charge **** - 1/15. From the very beginning it helps building full charge periodically. More than one point practically will not bring any noticeable difference.

Shield Bash, Fire Bash, Sword and Board - 0/15. We have no shield.

Forcefield - 15/15. This skill will replace our health bar and will allow to go without +Health gear. Always use all your gained charge for it. Don't go to battle without it's protection. Get used to be always under Forcefield dome, if you are not in town. Must have. Note, that damage from ground (traps, some bosses and archers AoE) will pass over Forcefield.

Overload - 0/15. **** like Shock Grenade.

Dynamo Field - 0-15/15. You can use it to gain some charge while kiting agressive crowd. I would prefer swing a pack with 90% Interrupting Hammer and Storm Burst or Onslaught away. One crit with 1000 Strength on 100 lvl is about 100k damage and give you full charge bar immediately, casts much quickly than Dynamo Field and may oneshot some foes :)

Tremor - 15/15. Another incoming Physical Damage increasing debuff. Useful on hard-to-kill packs and bosses.

Immobilization Copter - 0-15/15. You can use this copter, if you want. But you can easily go without it throught locations and dungeons, and on the arena-like areas he wanders one knows where, because if it target a pack of foes, it will not leave them alone until they die. If you run and kite it'll be left behind.

Aegis of Fate, Charge Reconstitution - 0/15. They ****. And we have Forcefield and Healing Bot.


Best are Willpower - survivability, Haste - easy kite, Dervish - DPS burst, Concentration - 6 mana/sec at rank VI.

Basic Stats

Strength - 15+304, main stat, more the better.
Dexterity - 5+0, we will get it from gear and enchantements.
Focus - 5+0, not to much needed.
Vitality - 15+191, 206 is needed to wear Engineer's top Legendary Item Set if you purpose. If not, put this points to Strength or Focus.

While leveling, 3 to Str and 2 to Vit (or Focus). It also allow you to wear powerful cannons and hammers.


On armor you must gain attributes from Borris:
Str - not less than 1k in total, for +450% crit damage and +500% and more weapon damage.
Dex - not less than 300, not more than 400, to have 40%-50% crit chance.
Focus - 100-300, for mana bar and minor damage boost.
Vit - not needed, avoid and do not spent enchantements. We have no shield, armor is uneffective on high-level, health boost is too small and do not needed under Forcefield.
Some attributes you may get from socketables.

Enchant stats on weapon is uneffective. +200-300 poison damage will be good. It will boost DPS much better than +100-150 Strength on weapon and give you chance to poison foes and decrease their damage and armor.


Listing top-gear ideals, you can use weaker analogs.
First, crit chance and mana regen; 6 x Skull of Whorlbarb, 2 to each weapon (cannon and melee) - for +20% crit, 2 to armor - for mana regen.
Second, armor shredding, if you have not any; 2 x Skull of X`n!troph to both weapons will be ideal.
Third, cap 75% All Damage Reduction; 10 x Skull of Limoany to your armor.
Forth, attributes, DPS boost and other:
Skull of Karandir to armor, +37 Dexterity;
Lovantine Skull to armor, +40 Strength, get as much Strength as possible;
Wfuntir Skull to armor, if you already have 1k Strength in total, you can try to boost Emberquake damage with Focus; it works better when using half-elemental damage weapons;
Skull of Vastok to weapons, after all passives and enchants both weapons' speed should be lesser 0,9 without Dervish and Haste;
Vellinque Skull to weapons, if you have some unused slots;
The Eye of the Netherlord to armor, 50% Slow Resistance to get cap up to 100% with Willpower;
any proc effects socketables are also welcome to melee weapon, they works perfect with Emberquake.

About Willpower and Slow and Immobilization Resistance. It's REDUCING THE CHANCE TO BE Slowed/Immobilized, NOT DURATION or slow effect itself.
Immobilization or Slowing means death very often. Our power and survival is in mobility, tactics is to inflict 1-2 poweful crits with hammer/cannon, gain charge and run away for kiting and attacking with spells from distance under charged FF protection, and NOT staying-and-spamming-until-enemy-or-you-dies. So, don't ignore this stats. Also +Movement Speed may be useful.
Slow resistance only means you can't be slowed under BASIC attack, cast or movement speed. But all your bonuces (from passives, armor, weapon(!!), skills and spells like Dervish, Haste, etc) CAN BE REDUCED.
However, Slow resistance is also useful.


Armor: attributes, +%Attack Speed, Armor Reducing by hit, +%Crit Chance, +%Charge Rate, more sockets, Mana regen, procs.
for example:
Bloodsteam - up to 8 items, boots or necklace from this set quite often have 50% Immobilization or Slow Resistance, it's cool to get both for Willpower cap;
The Asphyx - 2 items, 5 sockets in each other;
Mondon’s Vestment, Top gear for Engineer - 9 items, amulet ****, so:
The Overwrought Pendant or Blatand for 50% Immobilization Resistance;
but you can use any gear fitting to build requirements.

Weapons: Greathammers/Greatswords/Cannons with physical damage, High DPS, Armor Reduce by hit, +%Crit Chance, Sockets, Proc Effects, Mana stealing.
Try not to use Greataxes, they has lower crit damage.


Put 3 to Str and 2 to Vit(or Focus) every level.
Gear totally on +Dex until get about 200 = 33% crit/dodge. It happens approx at 40-50 lvl. Then adding +Strength, keeping the Dex not lesser than 200, and so maximize weapon damage, crit damage, crit chance.
Equip all your gems on mana regen first, then fill all free sockets with elemental resistance.
Mana regen is vital. Armor reduce per hit is also strongly recommended.
Use cannons since 1lvl, but keep weak melee weapon on swap since 14lvl for Ember Hammer and Onslaight. Closer to 42 lvl try to get a powerfull melee 2H Hammer or Sword.

Skill priorities: Healing bot, Forcefield, Heavy lifting, Blast Cannon, Ember Reach, Tremor, Emberquake, others. 1 point to Charge ****, Onslaight, Storm Burst and Ember Hammer when becomes availiable.
Spells: Such as for high-level. Haste and Concentration is strongly recommended.

Gold and trading

Don't grudge money to buy rare (blue) items with +Dex and +Str from blacksmith.
Also buy required spells, and gamble for weapon and rings/necks if yours one is ****.
Run back to act 2 and enchant x2 Poison Enchant on each new equipped weapon from permanent enchanter. Also, make sockets with Juric in weapon, if it is good and unic:
cannon - 1st socket Armor Reduce, 2nd, if exists - mana steal from Act 2;
hammer - 1st socket Armor Reduce, 2nd, if exists - proc from Basilisk eye or other.
Transmute gems, spells, potions, alse transmute sockets in any unsocketed item you wear.
Do NOT transmute unnecessary unics and set items, better sale them. Save up gold for Borris. Enchanted with necessary stat Rare item will be better for you than most Unics.


Summon Healing Bot, use Forcefield and Haste by cooldown, spam Blast Cannon/Emberquake, if foes still alive, Tremor, Ember Reach to most thick/deadly enemy, continue. Try to struck foes with autoattack when possible to gain charges for FF.
Up to Act 3 beginning there is no problems, but before Grizzled Alfa it's strongly recommended to gain 42lvl and at least 1 point to Emberquake and use Shield/Haste/Debuff/Emberquake-spam-and-kite tactics.
Arena of Slaughter is not recommended before 42-50 lvl, depending on your gear and damage.

No gameplay video, but C:\Users\user\Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\save\90071992547409920\TESTENG_{B2826A33-7FD1-417C-9471-E9C5578D0AD1}.SVB you can try it by yourself ;)
This is a cheated (yes, before using my own build i tried it on 100lvl with console; now I'm 60+lvl NG+ Engineer on Elite Softcore, but 0 deaths) prototype of final build. NG+5 completed, Mapworks is availiable, portal from Zeryphesh to Tarroch Tomb entrance is opened.
You can try different gear. But Full Strength + powerful Physical weapon + our debuffs deals more Damage than full Focus gems, even with Emberquake.
spawnclass zombie,50,220 in console spawns a crowd of slow and thick dummies, if who cares.

P.S. English is not my native language, so sorry for possible mistakes.
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