A Different Sword and Board build help?

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Uhm, hy... I'm kinda new to this game , I've actually never finished (not even the first playtrough) but I've been trying builds and reading a lot of stuff on forums and I'm trying to find a different way to play with a sword and a shield, and I have a few question.
1:When should I stop putting points into vit, if I actually should put any at all? I know the Block cap is 50% and that's litteraly the only reason that you're actually putting points in vitality.
2:I want to go for more of a strength build, rather than a focus one , here is what I tought about:

Flame Hammer : 15/15 (Primary AoE damage source , scales way better with STR than Focus)
Ember Hammer : 15/15 (Good for breaking shields and bashing heads off)
Onslaught : 15/15 (Well, for obvious reasons at least 1 point, but I actually like the ideea of slowing people and dealing even more damage that scales with str)
Supercharge : 15/15 (My main charge builder ,as I choose to skip Dynamo Field because I really don't like it)

Healing bot :15/15 (Well ofc..)
Fire and Spark : 15/15 (More, MORE DAMAGE)

Force Field : 15/15 (Do I really have to write it?)
Sword and Board :15/15 (More Damage, me like more damage)
Tremor : 15/15 (Scales with STR, huge AoE, looks awesome,me RIKE IT)

(Keep in mind since I never finished the game I am not certain about the amount of skill points you actually have at the end, I saw somewhere it's 100+ 33(from fame) and my build requires 135 skill points, so I guess I have to sacrifice somewhere, probably on Tremor or smth.. please game, why do you have do have an odd number of skillpoints?)
So the whole purpose of this build is to focus more on STR than FOCUS (Haha, focus on strenght , you got it? no? k :( ) and yes, I do like maxing out abilities, it's like.. my fetish or smth. For stats I tought about 3 STR / 1 FOCUS / 1 VIT or even 4STR / 1 FOCUS (If you say that VIT is actually useless and I should skip it entirely). I really need some tips from other people since the most I got in this game is level 30 with a rightclick berserker, I'm trying to make my own build rather than using a net one and this is what I came with. I know it's really similar with other sword and board builds and maybe a lot of people used something like this before but I'll like to personalize it .. somehow.

3: Is that point in Focus worth it? If you actually read everything that I wrote, you'll see that I chose my stat retribution with 1 focus, since I'll need mana and I AM FAIRLY CERTAIN that all these abilities actually benefit from Focus too (Am I rite?) .I know I can't just put 5 points into STR, but I LIKE BEING BIG AND STRONK..

P.S. I've been trying for 1 week to come up with my own personalized build and this is all I got, I tried a lot of gimmicks that actually got me killed (I'm actually playing **** Elite) untill level 30 or just seemed that they have gotten nowhere after a while. Soo, please help me with advice and whatnot even play multyplayer with me if you want to start a new char and need people to play it (I doubt it since I don't think a lot of players still play vanilla Torchlight 2). Have a great day everyone, love you all !!


  • I can recommend you my Shield Engineer Build.
    It's a basic point allocation.
    1) Sword and Board **** - it DOESN'T benefits from Strength or Focus. So, just +90% of Physical Armor on your shield to your weapon for 15 skill points.
    2) Shield Bash gains you a lot of charge on packs. Enough for Forcefield and Flame Hammer.
    +It benefits from Focus, and at 100lvl with powerful enchants (with ~1k Str and ~1k Focus) it crits about 200k . It's very useful on packs, but useless against single target.
    so you need Supercharge and good weapon damage to gain charges on bosses.
    3) Ember hammer 15/15 doesn't do so much damage. Flame Hammer has the same mana cost and do a great Damage with 1 charge. 1-5 points to it is quite enough.
    4) Tremor has 10sec cooldown. So you can ignore it's damage (1 hit every 10 sec?) It gives a good physical damage boost, but Flame Hammer - your main damage skill - deals FIRE damage only.
    5) Forcefield and Healing bot is MUST HAVE for Elite, especially if you are melee. And Aegis of fate and Charge reconstitution is a skill points waste.
    6) Fire and Spark 15/15 equals 75 x 2 = 150 Focus for your fire end electrical damage. Not so much for 100 lvl.
    7) Supercharge deals "natural" weapon damage, not just electrical. If you have fire+physical weapon, supercharge will deal fire+physical damage.
    7) Stats:
    Strength increases your weapon damage and crit damage (cap is 450% at 1000 Str). So, having 1k Strength (with enchants) on 100 lvl is strongly recommended for crit damage cap.
    Focus increases Shield Bash damage ("constant" skill physical damage), and additionally increase Onslaight (electrical), Flame Hammer (Fire), Ember Hammer (electrical), and elemental damage on weapon (additively to strength), +also increases your mana.
    If you have an axe, which deals 100 physical and 100 fire damage, with 100 strength and 100 focus you will get :
    100 Phys * (100% + strength: 50%) = 150 Phys
    100 Fire * (100% + strength: 50% + focus: 50%) = 200 Fire damage
    If you strike with, for example, Ember hammer, both physical and fire DPS from this axe converts to electricity, so physical component will boost with Focus too.
    So, when you reach 1k strength cap, start to increase your Focus.
    Dexterity - 400 dexterity gives you about 48% crit. Half of your hits will be critical. And, with 1k strength, 1 critical hit is (100% + 450%) = 550% = 5.5 * usual weapon damage. So, from each 2 hits 1 is crit: (1 + 5.5) / 2 = 3.25 = more than x3 DPS boost. 500 dexterity gives you about 50% crit. 100 atr points for 2% isn't good. So, try to get 350-400 Dexterity for 40-48% crit chance.
    Vitality. Legendary shields have about 25% chance to block. Spell "Block VI" gives you 12% block. Cap is 75% (not 50%, as you saying).
    75% - 25% - 12% = 38% is about 300-350 Vit. armor is useless on 100lvl ("% all damage reduce" rules), and HP is not needed if you are using ForceField. So, 300+ Vit for block cap.
    8) Top legendary set for engineer requires 206 Str and 206 Vit, so if you want to wear it, you should put 191 point to strength, and 191 point to vitality. An attribute to spent rest 113 points is on your choice.

    PS I don't like shield builds ,but
    copy this to your C:\Users\%USER%\Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\save\90071992547409920 folder and try.
    High damage with Flame Hammer, great survivability with shield, forcefield, onslaight, slowing copter and 1 point to ember reach to pull casters from packs.

    PSS If you like to be BIG and STRONG, maybe you should try 2H engineer build? ;)
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