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Remember the first time you've gotten your hands into Torchlight or Torchlight 2 and saw all those spells and said to yourself "Oh man it's gonna be fun using all of those murdering all kind of mithical creatures" , jumped right into **** elite since you're soo good at these games and died to the **** rats ? Yeah... that's NOT my problem about this game.
This game is, considered by a lot of people (including me), one of the best rpg hack n' slash game right now , yet it lacks a lot of balance and content that was introduced by mods . But some people (like me), want to finish the vanilla first before having fun with the mods, but it seems that you have soo little choice.
1: First of all , you have to choose a class, not many to choose from, at first glance, they look like regular Hack n' Slash classes :
- Embermage : Uses Wands/Staves and casts a lot of cool looking , head bashing elemental spells. He seems like glass cannon of Torchlight 2.
- Engeneer : Cool looking guy with a backpack and nice glasses, uses either 2 Hand Weapons (Meele or Ranged), or Swords and Shields. He looks certainly like the tank of Torchlight 2, using robots to aid him and earthbreaking spells to destroy his foes.
- Berserker : Oh my, the rage unleashed, the moment you see that **** red bearded guy with the bloodthirsty smile on his face, bashing into people's head with two Knuckles and slashing thier faces while drinking their blood.. the meele DPS of Torchlight 2, meant to be played with two weapons.
- Outlander : The gunner of Torchlight 2 , starting off with 2 pistols and a **** hair , gives all those Wild-West lovers a reason to live on this planet .

Now, after playing for a week and reading a lot of comment from forums , a lot of them, this is what torchlight 2 classes are truly about :
- Embermage : Yo dawg, you see the Prismatic Bolt skill right there? Yeah, always get it, it's like, not even a question. Next step, you could go for fire or thunder but that's not really a question since those spells seem cool but they don't do anything, you see that skill tree called "Frost Spells"? Yeah, those are THE STUFF man, get a lot of those, be careful not to get all of them since some ****, especially those that increase ARMOR and RESISTS, because what have you learned about armor in this game? Oh, IT IS **** USELESS. And how about that staff and wands you liked so much? Yeah, you probably want a shield with those cuz **** logic all mages have shields.
- Engeneer : Well, I might try to get that sk.. oh wait, is there a skill that one point costs 9 mana, has insane range and deals 120% weapon damage that PIERCES trought all the enemies? **** yeah, why not take a little robot that heals and regenerates mana while we're at it and then a force field and you can just finish the entire game on elite **** with only those 3 **** spells for Cthuhlu's sake ! Of course, you can try playing with a sword and a shield, too bad all the skills that scale with shields armor **** and the passives like Aegis and Bulwark **** even more.. Whatabout two hands weapons? Yeah, no, why are we even having this disscution? Get that cannon already !
- Berserker : Haha, what's an active skill? Oh you mean freezing stuff? Yeah, that might work. But you might aswell just go full passives , unplug your keyboard and keep holding left mouse button.
- Outlander : You tought these pistols are actual weapons? Right? He, hehe,hehe, you are so naive. It was a TRICK. The only way you're even gonna use a pistol in this game is if it has like 50% poison damage increase or smth and it goes well with your shield.. oh, have i mentioned that? Yeah, all the outlanders wear shields , because SWAT team is cool with shields and pistols. You might see one brave child adventuring with a shotgun, which can be good too, but why even bother when you can just have a shield that block anything and does not actually affect the damage output whatsoever. And yeah, all the gunplay you do early? That's just a trick too, it's all about spamming those Glaive bro,even now after the nerf, Glaive it up bro ! GLAIVE IT !

Now about stat points, you have the regular : STR, DEX, INT (Focus) , and VIT
STR : Increases Weapon damage and critical hit damage. Wait, it doesn't specify which kind of weapon? So you say that being strong makes my gun deal more damage? **** yes !
DEX : Oh man, it increases so many attributes, it must be good... oh wait, what's that, why does it have so many hard caps? Wait, noooooooooooo. Why does it scale so badly after 109? NOOOOOOOOOO. WHY ARE ALL MY DREAMS RUINED. It increases critical hit chance, evasion chance and decreases fumble damage reduction. All good, untill you realise you can have only 75% evasion chance and evasion is actually preety darn bad since it works only against basic attacks so have fun getting one shotted with all your skillpoints and stat points spent. And fumble damage reduction? Yeah, I mean, I guess it's good on berserker .... yeah, totally good on berserker.
FOCUS : You better like being focused because this STAT is the ONE you're gonna PUMP ON HARD BABY. It basicly enables most of the builds, it gives all the goodies you need for a good Torchlight 2 build. Mana and elemental damage. Mana to spam, elemental damage to kill. YEAH YOU BETTER LIKE IT CUZ THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE GONNA DO ON EVERY CHAR.
VIT : Wait, what's this stat? Nah, i tought there were 4 stats, uhm, sorry. There are only three, this one is optional if you're a **** and enjoy making your game harder for yourself.

So my point is, there seems that there is so many option, so much fun, until you realise that there is only 1 maybe 2 ways to play a class and that's the most boring way you can come up with. I tought of many builds like : - Meele Embermage with Staves that go punch people and then Zip-Zap them.. well, have fun being 1 shotted because you do NOT have a shield , how dare you not have a shield? Oh, you got tanky items with a lot of armor? Too bad bro, cuz armor is litteraly useless, they might aswell just remove it completely and not make much of a difference whatsoever.
- Shooty Outlander (Come on, we all tried it), and I'm talking the one with the pistols, not the "Spamming the Rapid Fire with Shotgun" shooty.. Yeah, does it work? **** naw, the pistols are so **** bad, you actually decrease your DPS if you carry two weapons instead of one unless you have huge amounts of Execute chance, which btw, you get it by putting points into focus, CUZ I WANT FOCUS ON MY SHOOTY OUTLANDER GODDAMNIT GAME!
- Shapeshifter Berserker with all those cool transformation efect , jumping in and out of the battle , healing up, reducing armor, stunning them, nope, you run out of mana so fast and then you're so useless , at least you can run fast .. at least.

I don't want to complain, I know that MODS fix most of these problems, especially Synergy is litteraly the opposite of what I wrote here, but cmon, there is such an eazy way to change all of these if you could just take 30 mins in an afternoon when you have nothing to do and fix some numbers here and there, and that's it, tons of options.. I HATE not being able to come up with my own build, that's my fun, I know I'm late that this. BUT I REALLY WANT TO COME UP WITH MY OWN BUILD AND IT IS NOT WORKING. All of the good ones are already taken, I come up with a good ideea, I google it to see if anyone else has used it and find 1000 forum topics about it and how op it is.. cmon, cmon :( :( :( I blame myself for going into forums before finishing the game and that took out of fun out of me ...
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