Can't find one perculiar item

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Sorry in advance if I'm doing any mistakes making this post, it's my first one specially for subject's purpose. Back in the days TL2 Armory was alive, in it's database I've found a rather tricky item. I don't remember it's name but it was probably a chest piece of armor and not so rare one. All I can remember it had 50% chance on being struck to cast aegis of fate (200% armor +100 as absorption shield), and aside from that it got crappy stats. But now Armory is gone and I've searched through several databases and couldn't find it anywhere. Anyone has any idea what is this item?


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    Here's a link with a snapshot of the armory from June 27. 2014


    You might get lucky and find the item you're looking for via the cache.
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    I've already searched through all database:/ So only TL2 Armory, thanks for the link to archive but searching through 4007 items without the search engine will be a pain in the ****;C
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    I'm a bit late to respond, but your best bet might be to just open up the game and look through the items directly in the database. If it's not there, then it's not anywhere (unless it's in a mod)
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    I looked through all the chest armor and couldn't find anything with that particular effect on it. I'll keep looking.
    EDIT: Nothing in helmets.
    EDIT: or in shoulders.
    EDIT: Nada in belts.
    EDIT: Zip for gloves.
    EDIT: Nothing in leggings.
    EDIT: Boots are a no.
    EDIT: Looked at shields just in case but nope.
    EDIT: Didn't see anything in eyes/gems etc.
    EDIT: Nothing in Necklaces.

    OK at this point I've been through almost every gold and blue item in game (33 pages of necklaces? Really, Runic?) and I haven't found a single item with that affix on it. Either it's a misc. item or it was something modded. Sorry, OP. I tried.
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